What Are the Main Duties and Responsibilities of a Med Tech?

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Med Tech, Certified Med Tech, and CMT are all standard abbreviations for a specific group of employees in the healthcare industry. Certified Medical Technicians serve a very valuable position in the industry assisting physicians and nurses with patient care. Certified Medical Technicians provide a broad range of services.

Job Responsibilities of a Med Tech

The following list includes some but not all of the duties of a Med Tech.The primary responsibility is to assist the physicians and nurses. It could consist of many other tasks as needed:

  • Take the medical history from the patient and family
  • Assist nurses in providing medications according to physician orders
  • Monitor patients reactions to drugs and report any changes
  • Take accurate notes for the physicians on duty
  • Handle administrative tasks like answering the phone and scheduling appointments
  • Lift patients for transport
  • Explain medical procedures to patients
  • Prepare patients for medical procedures
  • Clean and sterilize medical equipment and work areas
  • Suture wounds

Advantages of Being a Med Tech

For instance, if you did not have the opportunity to go to medical or nursing school but want a career in the medical field. A Med Tech certification may be the answer. You will spend much less time and money on your training. You will be in direct patient care and can establish personal relationships with your patients. This is almost a luxury in medical care today, where the insurance payment for the service evaluates everything. Physicians feel like they must see a predetermined number of patients per day. Nurses must render care to a set number of rooms. On the other hand, most Med Techs receive an hourly wage, so they are not required to meet specific numbers.

Job Outlook for Med Techs

Above all, the job outlook for Med Techs is excellent. As the Baby Boomers are reaching age 60, the demand for health care increases. Med Techs help bridge the gap between nurses and patients. In hospitals and nursing home settings, nurses are in high demand. Therefore, Med Techs can spend a few more minutes with the patient to get to know them. With your emotional support, you can impact lives in this career.

Where Do Med Techs Work?

Jobs for med techs are available in any patient care facility. Hospitals, emergency care facilities, long-term care facilities, rehab facilities, primary care offices, and even some residential care facilities hire CMTs. Some large corporations utilize CMTs. A Med Tech can help out in any situation where there is medical care. They can conduct training clinics and oversee immunization or vaccination efforts. They also monitor test results and medications prescribed from employee physicals. There are innumerable opportunities if the CMT keeps an open mind.

Being a Med Tech sounds like an easy job, right?

In conclusion, every job has pros and cons. Being a med tech can be a physically and emotionally draining job. You will need to be in good physical condition. Also, you will have to help move immobile and somewhat immobile patients. You will be responsible for moving some equipment. You will also have some clean-up duties. There will be sadness and horrible suffering. As we mentioned earlier, if you develop an emotional attachment, that pain can be very hard on you. It can be hard when you become attached to a patient who doesn’t get better or passes away. Scheduling may be complicated, too. Patients will require around-the-clock care. Therefore, your employer might need shift work. If you have never worked the second or third shift, that will be quite an adjustment. You might also be required to work weekends and holidays.

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