Becoming an LPN: Helpful Resources to Prepare for the NCLEX-PN

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Now that you have passed your LPN program, you are ready to become a Practical Nurse. All you need is the license. To obtain this licensure, you need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for practical nurses, pass a background check, and submit the appropriate fees. Many LPNs have attested to the challenging nature of this examination, but you don’t need to fret. You’ll quickly pass this exam with these helpful resources.

Resources to Prepare for the NCLEX-PN


Luckily there has been a variety of literature written on NCLEX-PN study prep. You will be able to find several books full of helpful information in a public library, at bookstores, or online. Renting a book from the library is a great low-cost way to prepare for this examination.

Study Material from your LPN Program

This examination focuses on everything that you learned from your LPN program. It’s imperative to take accurate notes and keep all of your study material to refresh yourself before the NCLEX-PN. Reviewing these notes will prepare you for the exam and provide another low-cost way to prepare.

Prep Course

There are a lot of review/prep courses online for the NCLEX-PN. Some of these courses are a bit pricey, and it can quickly get expensive to take multiple classes. Make sure that the course you are applying for guarantees everything you need. offers test prep with a money-back guarantee. Other techniques, like UWorld and Kaplan, provide seamless access through a mobile app. This would allow any busy student to prep anywhere through the palm of their hand.

Practice Tests

Like books on this subject, there is an assortment of practice test material available to purchase or rent. You can find practice tests online and through mobile apps. Many of these require payment for services. The idea behind a practice test is that you will become prepared for the format of the NCLEX-PN. Experiencing the test first hand will get you into the test-taking mindset.

Focus on Tough Information

Now that you know about the available resources to prep, it’s essential to understand what to prep. As an LPN, you studied safe care environments, health promotion and management, physiological integrity, and psychological integrity. Which is your weaker skillset? Prep using the mindset that you need to learn these fundamentals as a whole. 

Understand that this is a technologically given examination through a computerized system. There will be multiple-choice, check all the apply, fill in the blank, audio, multiple response, drag and drop to order, exhibit, and hot spot questions. Which type of question are you having a hard time with during your practice tests? 

Take the examination soon after you complete your LPN program. This way, the information is fresh in your mind, and you still have all of your notes. If you wait too long to take this test, it will be much harder to pass. 

Obtaining an LPN License

The state issuing requiring this licensure is to protect public safety and promote public health. When you receive this credential, you are showing your employer and patients that you are competent. Your proof of competency results from passing the NCLEX. 

Start Working as an LPN Right Away

LPN jobs are in high demand, and you should only expect this demand to increase in the future. When you start working as an LPN, you begin changing the world for the better. In return, you receive job security, a high salary, and pride in your impact on society. CynaMed will help you begin your nursing journey. We have representatives standing by to match you with the perfect nursing position based on your availability, experience, and skill set. Contact us today.

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