15 Funny Nursing Quotes for Assisted Living

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At CynaMed, we believe a sense of humor is key to balancing the heavy burdens that often come along with nursing in an assisted living environment. This blog is all about fun. We’ve compiled a list of funny nursing quotes that we know every assisted living nurse can relate to. 

Funny Nursing Quotes

We appreciate that assisted living nursing is unique in that most of the patient population is seniors. Assisted living nurses have specialized experience and extensive knowledge of issues and conditions as they relate to aging. It’s a role that requires deep compassion, a lot of patience, and intrinsic motivation to make a positive impact on this delicate demographic. 

The impact that individuals are able to make as RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Certified Med Techs is great in assisted living facilities. They get to enhance the quality of life for their patients daily. They get to care for them, educate, and offer encouragement when it’s needed most. 

The burden can get heavy when caring for patients on a daily basis. It’s important to take a break and embrace some humor when it comes to the important work you do. 

Enjoy this list of the top 15 funniest nursing quotes. We think you’ll get a good laugh out of these! Or at least, crack a smile…


1: “Laughter is the best medicine. Unless you are treating diarrhea.”


2: “You know you are a nurse when you can drink a pot of coffee and go directly to sleep.”


3: “Being a nurse is weird. I can keep a poker face through trauma, but have a mental breakdown when I lose my favorite pen.”


4: “I am not saying I am a BIG DEAL, but the government classifies me as ESSENTIAL.”


5: “I wear bodily fluids that aren’t mine, I work weekends and holidays, I get screamed at, and have my hands in other people’s orifices. Tell me again how hard you work?”


6: “I’ve been a nurse so long that I triage my laundry and have decided that none of it needs immediate medical attention.”


7: “You can’t fake sick with me. Mommy’s a nurse.”


8: “Nursing— when you aren’t sure if it’s Tuesday or Saturday.”


9: “Nursing— a profession where you must also wash your hands BEFORE using the restroom.”


10: “Nursing Wisdom: Take life with a grain of NaCl… adding tequila and a lime wedge PRN.”


11: “The most urgent situation is when you have to pee really bad and can’t get the drawstring of your scrubs untied.”


12: “The 4th of July AND a full moon? The nursing staff will be so pleased.”


13: “Remember, I’m a nurse. The story needs to be REALLY good to gross me out.”


14: “You know you work in healthcare when you can discuss puke and bowel movements at the lunch table and no one flinches.”


15: “I’m not judgmental. I just have excellent assessment skills.”

Quotes About Nursing

We know how hard nurses work. They give when there is nothing left to give. But we know the importance of taking a “time out” too. We are sure you could relate to these humorous quotes about nursing. Hopefully, it put a smile on your face today! If you’d like to continue the laughter, check out our other funny nurse quotes we love here.

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