Are All Nurses Obligated to Work 12-Hour Shifts?

Nursing jobs are in higher demand than ever before, and you should only expect that to grow. The need for a caregiver is 24/7 because people are always needing medical attention. Therefore, nursing shifts are known for busy work weeks filled with long days. But how much should you expect to work as a nurse?

Is a nurse obligated to work 12-hour nursing shifts?

No, not all nursing jobs are required to work 12-hour shifts. You will have a few shift options when starting a nursing career. 

What nursing shifts can a nurse work?

Nurses can typically work 8, 10, or 12-hour shifts. This can look like a traditional Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm with the weekends off. There are also jobs for nurses that enjoy working 2nd or 3rd shift. You can even opt for days off during the week and rotating weekends off.

How do I know what shift I will work as a nurse?

The nursing shift options available to you will depend on the healthcare facility in which you work. If you work at a long-term healthcare facility or nursing home, then your options are more open. They will need around-the-clock care, and someone will need to care for patients through the night. A nurse that works the floor at a hospital would typically work 12-hour shifts, three to four days a week to maintain full-time hours.

How do I find the perfect nursing job for me?

CynaMed is a top-rated nurse staffing company that matches nurses with nursing jobs. We only work with reputable health care facilities that have friendly environments and competitive wages. CynaMed will take your availability into account by matching you with your dream position. Reach out to a representative to start an exciting career in nursing today.

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