Besides a Hospital, Where Can LPNs Work?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have a variety of duties. Some of the jobs include providing general care to the patient, administering medication, and recording patients’ vital signs. They have more independence and authority than nursing assistants but slightly less autonomy than registered nurses (RNs).

An LPN should be dynamic and trained to excel in any environment. An LPN can work in a wide range of medical settings, as many facilities all over have an increased demand for LPNs. 


Hospitals are a relatively common landing spot for LPNs. In fact, Fifteen percent of LPNs are employed at hospitals, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This work environment demands a lot from the LPN. They have many patients to care for and monitor and will work alongside doctors and surgeons. 

An LPN will encounter all types of patients at a hospital. It is a good place for a new LPN to gain vital experience dealing with all ages of people. 

Nursing Homes / Assisted Care Facilities

Personal care facilities are currently the most common spot where LPNs work. This is due to a growing elderly population. Some assisted care facilities also house handicapped patients or patients with long-term ailments. 

The patients in this work setting are usually older or physically unable to live on their own. An LPN’s primary job in this workplace is to help the patients make daily living activities easier and maintain good health.

Doctor’s offices

This nursing job setting is similar to a hospital but its pace is slightly slower. LPNs can perform many tasks at a physician’s office. Some of these duties include checking patients in, recording blood pressure numbers and other vital signs, and dispensing medicines. 

LPNs can work in a variety of locations. If you are interested in landing an LPN job at the perfect work location for you, visit our website. Search “nursing jobs near me” on CynaMed and you will find the many nursing job opportunities we post daily. 

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