Can LPNs Apply for Travel Nursing Positions?

Travel nursing is growing in popularity in the United States. Demand for travel nurses has also increased recently. Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, are permitted to apply for travel nursing positions. However, there is a set of procedures and certifications an LPN must complete before travel nursing. 

There are certain credentials that an LPN needs to bring in before becoming a travel nurse. Without these credentials, an LPN cannot apply for a travel nursing gig. This process is imperative if you are an LPN and looking to apply. 

Earn a registered nurse (RN) license and become experienced

The majority of travel nursing agencies will require their nurses to have RN licenses. LPNs specialize in more basic healthcare and have less independence than RNs. Acquiring an RN certification is important for travel nurses because they work in a large variety of settings and need to be as highly trained as possible. You should enroll in an RN program and then get the RN degree. As an LPN, you may enroll in nursing school bridge programs that can help get your RN degree up to a year quicker. 

Once you have received your RN license, you should work at least a year as an RN. This valuable year or two of training will ensure that you are ready to be a traveling nurse. The LPN role is much different than the RN, and this training period will help you develop your nursing skill set.

Develop Specialized Skills and Apply

Travel nursing programs usually hire nurses to fill specific roles in the agency. An LPN who has become an RN should decide on a specialty area(s) and get credentialed. Next, you may begin searching and applying to become a travel nurse. 

Connecting with a legit staffing agency will help finish your journey from an LPN to a travel nurse. CynaMed is the perfect agency to assist you in this process; visit our website for travel nurse and LPN job opportunities. 

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