FAQ: Can RNs Become Doctors?

Registered nurses, or RNs, are an essential part of healthcare. However, not all nurses want to stay nurses forever. With additional schooling and training, nurses can become medical doctors if that is how they choose to advance their careers. 

Can a Registered Nurse Become a Doctor?

Yes, absolutely. RNs, like anyone else, can become an MD or MO by getting their bachelor’s and applying to medical school. They can also become a doctor of nursing, which is an educational degree. This degree does not grant clinical authority. 

Can You Go to Medical School with a Nursing Degree?

You can apply to medical school with a nursing degree. You do need to fulfill any prerequisites of medical school and have a bachelor’s degree ahead of time. 

How Long does it Take to Go from Registered Nurse to Medical Doctor?

If you already have a bachelor’s degree it will be a little shorter. Going from RN to MD can vary anywhere from six years to ten years, depending on the specialty and what prerequisites you already meet. 

How Do You Transfer from a Registered Nurse to MD?

To transfer from an RN to an MD you must first earn your bachelor’s degree. Then, you take the medical college admissions test. For people taking pre-med, their final classes will focus on what this test covers. Once you pass the test, you apply to and attend medical school. Once you complete all the school requirements and attend a residency program, you can get licensed as a doctor. 

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