FAQ: How to Talk to Patients 101 as a CNA

Being a certified nurse assistant means you are interacting with patients all the time. Ducking in and out of rooms as you care for several patients can make it difficult to engage with them. Creating an environment of empathy in your bedside care can be difficult, but is possible with the right mindset. 

It is essential to remember that each patient is an individual person. It can be so easy to start seeing people as numbers, charts, or simply a job to finish. Keep in mind that your patient is a human with a life, feelings, and thoughts, This will help you stay empathetic and kind as you work with them. 

How Do Certified Nurse Assistants Introduce Themselves to Patients?

The first step to care is introducing yourself to your patient in the clearest manner possible. Explain who you are and what role you play in their care during their stay. Patients are more likely to remember the names of those who are caring for them if they know what their roles are. 

How Do You Help a Patient Feel Seen?

Other than making sure the patient knows who you are, you need to know who they are. Always use a patient’s name. Names are personal, and an intrinsic part of us. It also helps you humanize them and helps them feel seen. 

How Do You Create a Friendly Atmosphere?

Conduct interactions in a friendly, polite manner. Don’t try to get in and out as fast as possible. People pick up on a sense of urgency, and it often makes them feel uncomfortable. Be patient and take time to help them feel at ease in the situation. 

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