How Can Med Techs Land Their First Job Without Having Experience?

Med techs have a wide variety of duties in the healthcare industry. They prescribe medication, collect test samples from patients, and update records. Those seeking to become med techs do not necessarily need any prior experience in the field. Experience may help you hone your med tech skills but is not necessary. 

There are other ways besides experience to show that you are qualified to land a med tech job. However, to become a med tech, you must complete a degree and obtain the necessary licenses and certifications. Once you finish schooling, it is possible to become a med tech with little to no experience. 

Look back to the education you received

Potential med techs need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and other certifications. You may list relevant classes and class achievements on your resume. The med tech educational training program you took could also be listed. This of course is not official experience, but it displays that you have a fine base of medical technician knowledge. 

Examine your connections

Landing any job without experience may be difficult. The process can be made easier if you know some people already in the field. This applies to the med tech field as well.

When applying for med tech jobs, consider how the people you know could help you get hired. This could be a friend, family member, former teacher, or more. They can help you meet people in the med tech industry you do not yet know.

Find the right job listing for you

Your resume should highlight your specific med tech job skills. You should search for jobs that are hiring candidates with the certifications and degrees that you have earned. If it seems like a good fit, then it is worth it to apply; each hiring situation is unique. 

Jobs for med techs can be found on our website. At CynaMed, we post job opportunities daily in the healthcare industry, and we would like to assist you in finding the perfect med tech job for you. 

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