How do you get your Certified Nursing Assistant License?

A certified nursing assistant, also known as CNA, is in charge of providing primary health care and basic care to patients. Before we dig into how to get your license, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the job:

Basic care 

Consists in assisting patients to carry out their daily activities. Some examples include assisting patients with:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Mobility-related activities such as walking or exercising

Primary healthcare 

Nursing assistants provide primary healthcare under the supervision and guidance of either a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. Some examples include:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Monitoring patients 
  • Gathering medical supplies
  • Assisting nurses or doctors with certain medical procedures

Becoming a CNA is an excellent way to start your nursing career. As a CNA, you’ll gain experience and see what it is like to work in healthcare. 

Requirements to Become a CNA

In contrast to other nursing careers, CNAs do not need to earn a college diploma. Here is how you can get your CNA license in 4 simple steps:

  1. Graduate from high school or pass the GED exam. All you need to enroll in a CNA program is a high school diploma or equivalent. 
  2. Enroll in a state-approved CNA program. These nursing programs are available in hospitals and community colleges. Before signing up for the program, we highly recommend verifying that it has approval from both the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) and your state’s nursing board.
  3. Complete on-site clinical work. As part of your CNA training, you must gain clinical experience by working in medical facilities. However, to ensure students’ safety during COVID-19, some universities are opting for teaching through virtual experiences and online simulations.
  4. Pass the CNA exam to get your certification. The exam breaks down into two sections: a written examination and a hands-on part to test your skills. 

For more information about becoming or working as a CNA, please reach out to CynaMed Healthcare Staffing Solutions. We are here to help.


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