In What Healthcare Areas Can CNAs Work?

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, may work in a variety of healthcare areas. This job is growing in popularity and more employment opportunities are popping up every day. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the CNA industry will increase by 8 percent from 2019 to 2029. This is considerably faster than other fields. Hospitals, nursing homes, and private home services are the most common healthcare areas that employ CNAs.

Hospitals/health centers

Hospitals are one of the most reliable spots for a CNA to land. Job security is pretty stable, as working in a hospital usually is a full-time job. This will also make the CNA eligible for job benefits and a higher salary. CNAs working in hospitals will also assist highly trained nurses. A CNA should expect to see a wide variety of patients at hospitals. Competition is strong in this healthcare area. 

Nursing homes and assisted living centers

Nursing homes and assisted living centers are the most common settings for CNAs. Usually, this healthcare area requires 24-hour care for patients and shift hours may be long. The patients in this healthcare area are typically elderly people, disabled people, or people with serious illnesses. CNAs in this healthcare area should expect to dress, feed, and bathe patients if necessary. 

Private Home Health Services

This area is similar to assisted living centers in terms of pay and hours. However, a CNA will usually have only a single patient to care for. The patients are also similar to assisted living patients but prefer their home environment. This is usually not an entry-level position for a CNA because it requires some prior experience.  

A good nursing assistant should be flexible and adapt to whatever environment they are working in. CNA jobs continue to rise in popularity and demand today.  The Cynamed website can assist in finding the perfect CNA job for you. 

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