What Are Nursing Shift Differentials?

Nursing shift differentials are extra payments for working inconvenient shifts. is extra payments for working inconvenient shifts. These shifts may be at undesirable times, such as at night, on the weekends, during a holiday, and more. However, shift differentials do not always involve date and time difficulties. They may refer to supplemental pay for nurses who specialize in a certain area that needs shift assistance. 

Generally, pay differentials are for nurses who work outside of the traditional 8 am to 5 pm shift. The salary of the nurse will also affect how much shift differential pay is given out. The type of nurse, licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, will also affect the shift differential.

Calculating nursing shift differential

A shift differential is usually a percentage of the normal hourly pay. Some hospitals offer a fixed number as the shift differential instead of dealing with nursing salary percentages. Fixed number shift differential payments will vary with each hospital.

There may be extra shift differential payments if nurses take on extra responsibilities. Hospital employers will also factor in how many shifts have been worked and what times. For example, there could be an increment in the pay differentials on public holidays. Also, a nurse who has worked multiple shifts over the weekend may be eligible to receive a higher percentage rate or a fixed amount. It is important that practicing nurses are familiar with their hospital’s shift differential rules.

Your level of nursing experience also determines your shift differential

As mentioned earlier, some nurses receive higher shift differentials than others. LPNs and RNs may have different shift differentials because of taking on more responsibility and having more autonomy during the shift. There are also hospitals where shift differential payments are the same amount for every nursing position.

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