What Are the Best Paid Med Tech Specialties?

As a Med Tech, there are a variety of career paths you can take, depending on your interests and expertise. Medication technicians are capable of working in a hospital setting where they often deliver, administer, and chart medications. They also observe patient conditions and work closely with other staff. 

If the fast-paced hospital environment is not for you, Med Techs are often seen working in pharmacies. In these locations, they prepare, pack, and place prescriptions, maintain patient records, and work under a pharmacist.

Personal Care and Assisted Living

The term Med Tech generally refers to a professional healthcare worker who is responsible for administering non-injectable medications. Of course, the specialty in which a Med Tech works depends on the facility they work in. So, for those interested in enriching the lives of patients with compassion to share, the personal care and assisted living field is for you.

As a Med Tech in the personal care/assisted living field, you’ll have a major impact on those you serve. This position provides care and aid to the lives of seniors, making them happier and more comfortable.

The duty of a Med Tech in this field ranges, but it mostly includes:

  • Distributing and administering the proper medications
  • Keeping clear, confidential records
  • Assisting residents in their daily activities—from grooming, hygiene, to meals
  • Performing regular wellness checks

As a Med Tech in the assisted living field, you can obtain a certification in a few days to a few weeks. Because your position isn’t as demanding as that of a nurse, you do not need a nursing license or degree.

This position is the first step into a world of opportunity and growth in the medical field. Compared to other positions in healthcare, working as a Medication Tech in assisted living offers affordable training. Enjoy unique day-to-day experiences, exposure to other healthcare careers, and emotionally rewarding work.

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