5 Benefits of Being an RN

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So you’re thinking of becoming an RN. Without question, being a registered nurse is a noble deed. Most people in this field have famously huge hearts, full of plenty of love to spread around. 

There are many reasons men and women choose to look for RN jobs, but let’s take a look at 5 specific benefits to the occupation: 

  1. Shifts: RNs tend to work non-conventional hours. They trade in the standard (and some might even say monotonous) 9 to 5, Monday through Friday workweek. Instead, RNs work three 12-hour shifts per week. Many nurses enjoy the change in routine. They find it easier to power through long shifts only three times a week and enjoy having four days to themselves. There is always something new on the job. By staying active you will never be bored sitting at a desk.
  2. Job Security: RNs never have to worry about being out of work. There is generally a greater demand for nurses than there is a supply. This brings financial security and also means that if you find your current nursing gig isn’t quite where you belong, you have plenty of other options. 
  3. Flexibility in finding your fit: RNs have the luxury of not feeling confined to one area of expertise. RNs can explore a myriad of avenues to find just the right match: hospitals, military bases, airplanes, cruise ships, and schools. There’s even forensic nursing, travel, informatics, and holistic nursing. You can work with babies or you can take care of the elderly. There is a huge scope within the field of nursing. You can truly listen to your inner calling and follow it exactly where it leads you.
  4. High Salaries: Of course, the pay is not why you are interested in becoming an RN. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that the average RN salary is a bonus. The national average is right around $75,000. RNs may have some stressful days on the job, but one thing they generally don’t have to stress over is how they are going to pay their bills. Bear in mind though that if you are seeking out this profession solely for the money, you will burn out quickly. Which leads us to perhaps the greatest benefit of being an RN….
  5. You can save a life This takes us back to one of the main reasons RNs go into the field in the first place: these folks have a heart for people! What better way to go home feeling fulfilled in your job than knowing that you saved a life today? Saving a life affects more than one person. It also saves loved ones from grief and devastation. Saving lives, improving lives, helping people regain their health, teaching people about how to live healthy….. these are all part of the life of an RN, and they bring more fulfillment than many other jobs you’ll find.

So now you’re convinced! You know this is the profession for you, and you’re ready to find your new nurse-home! Click here to see what CynaMed has to offer you today.

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