Whether you are, or want to be, an RN, LPN, CNA or Med Tech

there are resources for you.

How to
Become an RN

Not only is there an increased demand for RNs, but you can become an RN in as little as 2 years.

How to
Become an LPN

LPNs regularly work with RNs, as well as doctors. You can even get your diploma in as little as 1 year

How to
Become a CNA

It’s easier than you may think. It requires 85-hours of training and some employers even have CNA training programs.

How to
Become a Med Tech

The easiest way is to enroll in a training program. They are offered through community colleges and other resources.

RN Classes & Training

LPN Classes & Training

CNA Classes & Training

Med Tech Classes & Training

  • Nurses Needing to Renew Their License
  • Student Loan Refinancing for Nurses
  • Financial Assistance
To qualify for Pennsylvania nursing license renewal, RNs must complete 30 hours of CE approved by the PA Board of Nursing. This includes at least two hours in child abuse recognition and reporting. Download License Checklist Here is the official site for Pennsylvania license renewal: www.dos.pa.gov

Financial Assistance for Nursing Students with Disabilities: Read NurseJournal.org’s full scholarship guide here

Resources for RNs

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