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CynaMed is Western Pennsylvania’s leader in hiring Medication Technicians (Med Techs) for the personal care/assisted living industry. Become a Med Tech and get involved in an exciting and growing opportunity in healthcare. Our Med Techs for the personal care/assisted living industry are Medication Technicians. These technicians assist residents and aides in personal care and assisted living homes. They do not work in a lab or skilled facilities. Med Techs perform their duties in an environment that is consistent with their level of expertise and do not have to be a CNA (certified nursing assistant), RN (registered nurse), or LPN (licensed vocational nurse). 

There are two differences between the requirements for working in skilled and personal care\assisted living facilities:

  1. In some cases, to work in a skilled environment, you have to be a CNA (certified nursing assistant). Med Techs work in personal care/assisted living homes and therefore do not have to be a certified nurse. 
  2. Med Techs distribute medications in personal care/assisted living homes, and you do not have to be a nurse (RN/LPN) to perform that function. 

Many people want to enter the healthcare profession. But do not have the education level or time required of certified nurses. The Med Tech position was created for that purpose as it is the quickest way to jumpstart your career in healthcare. Best of all, you can work as a Med Tech while earning additional certifications. 

Why Don’t I Need to Be a Nurse to Be a Med Tech?

The reason you don’t have to be a nurse is that the level of care isn’t as high in assisted living/personal care. Pennsylvania has a training and certification program to become a Med Tech in a fairly short period of time—only a few days to weeks. Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services website to learn more. 

Med Tech vs. LPN

Here is how the responsibilities of a Med Tech in personal care/assisted living differ from an LPN in a skilled nursing home:

At CynaMed, we consider Med Techs as Lead Aides. Similarly, LPNs are lead nurses and perform nurse duties then they are not passing meds. Med Techs are one step up from an aide but they still help with aide work when not passing meds. That is why they’re considered Lead Aides. They need to make sure that all aide work is completed in between med passes (which occur many times throughout the day, based on individual patient needs).

A Day in the Life of a Med Tech

As a Med Tech, you will pass meds to patients, make sure all aide work is done, and assist with any incomplete aide work.  

Many Aides may choose to become Med Techs. If you’re ready to advance your career, CynaMed has the resources to train, certify, and observe Medical Technicians. 

How to Remain Certified

Once you become a Med Tech and find a job, here is how to keep your certification active in the state of Pennsylvania: 

You must be observed every 6 months by an authorized PA State Med Tech Trainer. CynaMed has that resource on staff. Visit the Office of Developmental Programming website for more information. 

Get Started Today

It’s that simple. In just a few easy steps, you can start making a difference in the lives of patients in personal care/assisted living facilities. If you have any experience working in a personal care/assisted living facility and have ever thought about becoming a med tech, we can help. It is a rewarding position that requires a short, simple training and certification process. At Cyna Med, we can help you build the healthcare career of your dreams. Get started today and take the first step toward becoming a Med Tech.

If you have personal care home experience as an Aide, you might be a good candidate to become a Med Tech. Call us today to inquire about our program.

Current Listing: Med Tech Jobs in Western Pennsylvania

CynaMed is hiring Med Techs all throughout Western, Pennsylvania.

Locations Include: Apollo, Zelienople, McKees Rocks, Cheswick, Kennedy Township, Oakmont, New Kensington, West Mifflin, Pleasant Hill

Call us today to discuss this career opportunity with one of Pittsburgh’s leading staffing companies or apply online. [Last updated today.]



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