Our Approach


CynaMed exceeds healthcare regulations and standards to remain on the cutting edge of the continuously evolving healthcare industry. Through our employee screening process and maintenance of an exhaustive record of every employee, we strive to raise the bar for diligence and healthcare staffing. CynaMed rigorously follows the guidelines set forth by OSHA and HIPAA policies and procedures.

Tools of Creation

Through a robust database system, we recruit and retain candidates whose diverse skill sets and experiences create synergies with our clients workplace. Our sophisticated approach allows us to track facility information and match employees with schedules, job orders and client preferences. Innovative technology translates into timely, effective staffing solutions.

Employees and Staff

We have the utmost confidence in our staff and employees. Our dedicated professionals and recruiters provide you with a well-rounded, integrated recourse to fulfill your staffing needs. We offer our employees unparalleled compensation and benefit packages. This means you are getting quality, experienced and hardworking healthcare professionals that are doing their jobs. NOT JUST ANOTHER TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT.

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"Through my 25 years of experience, I’ve witnessed an evolution in the medical industry. I have formed the conclusion that the only thing consistent in healthcare is change. When I purchased Cynamed, Inc in 2010 I had a vision to break the mold in Healthcare Staffing. At Cynamed we strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence for healthcare systems in our region. From all of us at Cynamed, we hope that you benefit from our people and sincerely appreciate your shared passion in doing great business."

Michael Blackburn
CEO, Cynamed. Inc
Michael Blackburn