5 Reasons Why a Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Is a Good Choice

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A physical therapy assistant (PTA) is a rewarding career choice in the healthcare industry. You will work closely with patients to improve their mobility and relieve pain. You will need to understand anatomy and scientifically-based mobility techniques, so this occupation will require coursework and clinics. Let’s dive into why a physical therapy assistant degree is a good choice.

How to Become a PTA

To become a PTA, you must first complete an accredited PTA program. Most community colleges and trade schools will offer this as a two-year degree. You will have the choice of completing an associate’s degree in applied science (AAS) or science (AS). The difference between these degrees is that an (AS) is typically a transfer degree. The courses within this degree will prepare you for obtaining a bachelor’s degree. However, these credentials will allow you to start working as a PTA.

After completing your choice of accreditation, you will need to apply for state licensure. It’s critical to become licensed through the state to show your future employer and patients that you are competent. Then you must take and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination for PTAs. Subsequently, you will pay the appropriate fees and start your job search. Now let’s explore the top five reasons why putting two years of work into a physical therapy assistant degree is worth it.

5 Reasons Why a PTA Degree Is Worth It

If you are on the fence about becoming a PTA, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of reasons why completing a PTA program would be well worth the hard work.

#1 Diverse Work Environments

As a PTA, you will work directly under a licensed physical therapist. Where you choose to work will be up to you. You can find physical therapy positions in hospital settings, doctor’s offices, nursing care facilities, and private practices. This means that you will find a job that best fits your personality and availability.

#2 Maintain an Active Lifestyle

You will help patients on their journey to regain function and mobility. This will require you to be on your feet for long periods. You can expect this job to become physically demanding when assisting patients with their stretches or mobility exercises.

#3 Competitive Wages

Entry-level PTA positions can begin around $15 to $20 an hour. With experience and continuing education, you can quickly expect to find positions making close to $30 an hour. The healthcare setting you choose to work at will impact your income level. If you decide to work for a home service company, you can expect to make close to $40 an hour. This will entail traveling to the patient’s home and your business location.

#4 You Change Lives

The people that you treat are going through a traumatic period in their life. You will be there to hold their hand and push them to regain their independence. Whether you work with a sports-based injury or chronic disability, you will watch your patients become stronger and happier. Watching your hard work pay off will be fulfilling and impactful.

#5 Job Security

You will not have to worry about finding employment or being laid off with a PTA degree. This occupation is in extremely high demand and this demand is only expected to grow as the older population ages. 

Become a PTA Today! 

If you are passionate about caring for others and living an active lifestyle, then a PTA job might be the perfect fit for you. You might even find more reasons to love your career choice other than the five that we have shared with you today. Now is the best time to live the life that you want.

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