3 Things to Know About Having a Nursing Home Job

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Nurses provide care for their surrounding communities to all different kinds of people. Nursing home jobs often involve specialized care for the elder or disabled community. 

Nursing homes have a huge demand for nurses as the elderly population grows. In conjunction with the nursing shortage, the need for specialized nurses in nursing homes will continue to grow for years to come. This means that many nurses will have the opportunity to hold a position in a nursing home setting. 

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1. Nursing Home Jobs Near Me: What are they like?

Nurses in a nursing home setting often work in a team to help treat all residents. In addition, many residents you come across will already be long-term, so you have an opportunity to get to know them on a personal level. Other nursing opportunities don’t offer this level of connection to patients, which makes a nursing home experience more unique.

Many residents will rely on you to provide care and assistance with their day-to-day routines. Some routines may include responsibilities in “…physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, case management and more,” as stated by Rasmussen University. With the rest of the staff, you will work in unison to format healthcare plans for the different residents you will be overseeing.

2. Skills Needed For Nursing Homes Jobs

Those who work in nursing homes jobs will need to have specific skills as they need to manage and care for patients who require specialized care. 

  • Organization
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Case managing
  • Organizing healthcare plans
  • Home healthcare
  • Administering medication
  • Evaluating patients
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Experience in elderly care

3. Pros and Cons of Nursing Home Jobs

While many nurses may be excited to work in this healthcare field, it is not for everyone. If you’re having trouble deciding whether a nursing home job is for you, don’t fret. Take a look at these pros and cons and decide for yourself whether or not you’ll be a good fit.


Deeper Relationships With Patients

Many nurses are happy to build deeper bonds with their patients in nursing homes. But unfortunately, the opportunity for forming relationships with patients isn’t available in most faster-paced healthcare environments.

Working In a Team

Rather than going solo, nurses can work together to provide the best care for residents. This way of working can lessen the heavy burden for everyone involved and make the healthcare process much more enjoyable. 

Variety In The Workplace

With many aspects of care involved with different residents, nurses will never feel bored with their tasks. Instead, nurses will find themselves exploring all other parts of healthcare while working in a nursing home. 


Attachment to Patients

In healthcare settings, it is often encouraged to have a professional distance between patients. However, in a nursing home setting, it is often the opposite. As a result, you will find yourself attached to different residents. In addition, it can be tough to watch a resident’s health decline. Keep this in mind when making your job decisions. 

Lower Salaries

While nurses may be interested in working in a nursing home, salaries are usually lower than in another setting. According to Indeed, on average, RNs make $30.82 per hour, which is 21% lower than the national average.

Handling Troubled Patients

Particular residents may refuse healthcare or become irritable due to their age or illness. Instances like these may hinder your mood, and possible injuries can occur should a resident become violent. A healthcare team is required to handle these kinds of situations, and it may be something that opposes you from working in this field. 

Is a Nursing Home Job Right For Me?

After reading through this article, you may still have further questions about nursing home jobs. CynaMed would like to offer you our e-book that provides resources on different nursing jobs that you may be interested in. 

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