Skilled Nursing vs. Non-Skilled Nursing: What’s the Difference?

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These two forms of nursing provide different levels of care to all kinds of patients. Skilled nursing usually involves patients who require specialized care. Non-skilled requires patient care but not at a critical level and is often more relaxed. 

Skilled Vs. Non-Skilled Facilities

Due to a more profound need for care in nursing facilities, a variety of medical staff is often on duty. As a result, nursing homes are often described as skilled nursing facilities. If care becomes overwhelming at home, patients will go to a nursing home to receive long-term care. Nursing homes are for anyone who needs round-the-clock care. 

In a non-skilled facility, immediate care is deficient; most of the time, doctors do not see patients. A great example of a non-skilled facility is assisted living. 

Assisted living is similar to a nursing home in requiring a patient to relocate to another facility to receive healthcare. However, assisted living offers more independence and social opportunities to patients. Assisted living can be in the form of short or long-term healthcare.

Skilled Vs. Non-Skilled Care

Skilled nursing care is a form of long-term care that helps patients over some time to manage illness, growing age, or injury. 

Non-skilled nursing care is often only used for a relatively short period. For example, patients seeking non-skilled would recover from a recent illness or injury. 

Levels of care vary…here are different types of care…

Examples of Skilled Nursing Care:

Stroke recovery

Wound care

Rehab after an illness or operation

Terminal illness

Serious memory issues

Around-the-clock care

Non-Skilled Nursing Care:

If care becomes overwhelming to handle at home, patients will go to a nursing home to receive long-term care. People who come to nursing homes are for anyone who needs round-the-clock care and doesn’t need to go to a hospital. Nurses are available on-site 24/7 should the case of an emergency occur.

Assisted living is another form of non-skilled, where patients go to live and receive non-intensive care. People receiving care in a non-skilled setting will need little assistance and are often much more independent than those in skilled nursing. To read more about nursing, please visit our blog page for all up to date information at CynaMed.

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