3 Tips for Jazzing Up Your CNA Resume

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A CNA role is very important in almost every healthcare setting, especially in caring for the senior population in residential facilities. The CNA’s responsibilities are key to keeping a healthcare facility functioning optimally for the patients, other medical staff, and the hospital administration. As a nursing professional providing bedside, direct patient care, you must be compassionate. It’s a big part of what makes a CNA impactful and successful in their job. 

They provide physical care, but also mental and emotional support to their patients and their families. Educating them on healthy habits and being a sounding board for concerns is another aspect of being a CNA, depending on the facility where you are employed.

Whether you are a new CNA entering the workforce or a seasoned professional looking for a change, you’ll want a solid CNA resume to showcase your skills and experience. A CNA role is highly focused on assisting nurses and medical staff by providing direct patient care so you’ll want your resume to reflect this. Direct patient care can involve physical duties like taking vitals, assisting with activities of daily living (ADL), and medication administration. It can also involve mental and emotional support.  It’s important to include all of these aspects of providing comprehensive care when creating, updating, or revamping your resume. 

A CNA Skills Resume: Tips To Make Yours Shine 

The CNA job requires compassionate and gentle individuals who enjoy engaging with patients in meaningful ways. Maybe you have lots of bullet points for your resume from years of working in the field. Maybe you are newly certified and trying to craft a CNA resume with very limited experience. Either way, putting together a resume that stands out doesn’t have to be challenging. 

Below are 3 tips for creating a CNA skills resume that highlights the experience you can offer and the qualities that make you a good candidate. 

1: Consider A Career Summary

Traditional resume templates usually include a career objective where you state your intention, which is typically to get a job in your desired field. New templates encourage a bit more flexibility in new CNAs. 

If you are working from a traditional format, consider replacing the objective with a “professional summary”. This section consists of two or three sentences under your contact information. Instead of stating what you aim to do with your resume, focus on showing what you can offer to the employer. Highlight your achievements or personal characteristics and passion for helping others. This will make you stand out, even if your skills are limited. 

2: Take A Skills-Centered Approach 

Skill set makes up one of the most important aspects of the CNA position. Fill out this section with soft and hard skills that demonstrate your employability. For instance, most employers will value soft skills like strong communication skills, adaptability, and a team player attitude. Hard skills to mention might be computer competency, knowledge of medical terminology, patient safety, and infection control. 

3: Highlight Altruism 

Demonstrating your selfless desire to care for others is an important focal point for a CNA resume. This is an especially helpful tip for new CNAs with limited experience. Most nurses learn these skills over time on the job through practice. However, personal qualities that make an exceptional CNA can’t be taught. Find creative ways to showcase your character and desire to make an impact in the lives of others. 

CNA Resume Samples And Personalized Guidance 

You can find many different CNA resume samples online that can guide your format and content. But a personalized approach to crafting a solid resume is very beneficial. At CynaMed, we have the resources to help. Our process is simple–we take the time to get to know you, then use our experience and knowledge to find you the best possible match. 

CynaMed has long-standing relationships with healthcare employers across Pittsburgh, so matching you with a great opportunity is simple. Let us help you develop your skills, gain valuable experience, and advance in your career.

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