4 Tips For Working in an Assisted Living Facility for LPNs

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Starting out in an assisted living facility as an LPN can be a lot to learn all at once. If you’re still figuring it out yourself, here are 4 tips for working in an assisted living facility for LPNs. By following these tips and working your hardest, you’ll be confident in your position before you know it.

Tips for Starting Out at Assisted Living Facilities

If you’re starting out as an LPN working in assisted living facilities, here are some basic tips to get started.

1. Remain Calm and Patient with Yourself

It can be easy to want to be the best at something immediately, but speed comes with time. As you start out, give yourself the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Take your time to do every task carefully, correctly, and calmly. 

As you become more experienced, you can perform the same tasks as quickly as a pro. Keep at it, and you’ll be moving at top speed quickly!

2. Make a List

Every patient you encounter is unique and likely has their own unique needs. For regular patients, write down their names, a list of the meds they take, and how they need them taken. For example, do they need their pills crushed? Do they take them with water or other beverages? Knowing everything you need in advance will help you have everything ready when needed, saving valuable time.

Starting out, the name of the game is muscle memory. While there are differences in routine, many of the elements of care will be the same from patient to patient. As you repeat this process yourself, it will become more and more routine. The more shifts you work in an assisted living facility, the easier they’ll get.

More Assisted Living Facilities Tips

As you continue in your assisted living facilities training, there will still be opportunities to learn and lessons that come up. You should be receptive to any learning opportunities that arise, from whatever source they may potentially come from.

3. Ask Questions!

Asking questions is a great way to discover what you need to know. This is especially true when asking more experienced LPNs. While we are told to respect the knowledge of our elders, it’s important to remember their experience truly is invaluable. Listen to any advice and criticism they offer; they may also have specific tips or tricks on handling difficult situations.

4. Respect Your CNAs

It may go without saying, but we should always aim to treat our co-workers with respect. Unfortunately, in the day-to-day moment of working, it can be easy to undervalue the work of those around us.

This is especially true of the contributions of CNAs. Treating them respectfully will help them give you and your patients the best care possible. Remembering it’s a team effort and valuing the contributions of every team member will make a big difference. Your patients will appreciate it, and your CNAs certainly will, too!

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An assisted living facility is a great place for an LPN to begin learning the ropes of their profession. Many LPNs use it as an opportunity to learn before transitioning to more high-paced hospital environments. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, CynaMed is your first choice for finding nursing jobs at assisted living facilities near me.

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