How to Thrive as a CNA in Assisted Living Communities

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Throughout a senior home, you will see many different types of employees. Understandably, most will think about residents or doctors. However, CNAs, or certified nursing assistants, play an integral role in an assisted living community. Similar to other roles, they must possess the necessary skills needed to work in that environment. Let’s take a closer look.

Importance of CNAs in Assisted Living Communities

Despite being an entry-level position, CNAs have plenty of essential tasks and responsibilities. 

Typically, they will assist both nurses and residents. This may involve helping bathe or feed patients or checking for important vitals such as blood pressure or heart rate. Furthermore, they may organize documents and patient files. They may also restock medical supplies or change bedding. 

These smaller tasks can significantly boost a location’s productivity and flow. So, to succeed, CNAs should follow these two crucial tips.

Be Willing to Learn

First, a CNA must be willing and excited to learn. As an entry-level employee, a CNA will work with more experienced colleagues. Therefore, they should ask for and attentively listen to advice. It may be wise to take notes and write down all meaningful information.

Have Strong Communication Skills

Moreover, a successful CNA should have strong communication skills. CNAs must fully listen to their residents and then properly report to their superiors. Ultimately, a lack of productive communication is harmful to both residents and staff members. 

What Does Staying in an Assisted Living Community Look Like?

Life in an assisted living community may be different than one’s imagination. Often, individuals will think of boring and restrictive environments. In reality, assisted living communities can be wonderful places with people who truly care about their residents. 

Yes, there is a schedule. However, it’s usually just mealtimes and mandatory health activities. Outside of that, residents can do as they please within location grounds. This can involve community events, gardening, or book clubs.

Moreover, if a resident needs assistance, they will receive it from a qualified staff member. For example, an individual may need help changing clothes or going to the restroom. 

Lastly, life in an assisted living community is social. Instead of being lonely at home, residents can spend time with other people. Humans are social creatures, and being around others can boost one’s mood, energy, and well-being. 

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