Do CNAs Need CEUs to Renew their License in Pittsburgh, PA?

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must obtain state licensure to land or maintain your first job. This credential proves that you are competent to your employer and patient. Due to state and federal regulations, you must renew this license every two years. To complete the licensing renewal procedure, most nursing professionals must complete continuing education units (CEUs) at an accredited program. Find out what CEUs for CNAs are required below.

Why must I renew my CNA license?

Medical experts are continually updating procedures and advancing medicine. To ensure that patients are receiving the most modern care, nurses must stay educated on these new methodologies. Therefore, CEUs for nurses ensure public safety and the use of optimal medical treatment.

What are the requirements to renew my CNA license?

To renew your CNA license, you will need to pass a background check, pay appropriate renewal fees, and submit a renewal application.

What CEUs must I complete to renew my CNA license?

At this time, it is not a requirement for CNAs to complete CEUs. 

What happens if I let my CNA license expire?

Even though CEUs are not a requirement in the license renewal process, it’s still crucial that you not allow your license to default. If you work with an expired CNA license, you could lose your employment or face fines. If your license defaults, you will also be responsible for a late renewal fee.

In brief, nursing CEUs are beneficial to the medical world, your career, and public safety. CNAs are not required to complete CEUs to renew their license.

If you are interested in learning more about CAN careers, CynaMed has created CNA resources to help you on your journey. When you are ready, speak to one of our representatives to start an exciting CNA career today! 

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