What is the Role of a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are advanced practice registered nurses who hold either a Master’s degree or Doctorate in Nursing. They are experts in various specialized areas of nursing. A clinical nurse specialist is an integral part of the healthcare system because they use their skills to identify areas where the quality of care needs to be improved. Their expertise and leadership help healthcare facilities implement better strategies to deliver the highest quality of care. 

What Is A Clinical Nurse Specialist?

If you searched for “what is a clinical nurse specialist”, you’d learn that these are expert clinicians responsible for diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. They also provide ongoing management of these conditions and may have the ability to prescribe medications as part of it. 

A CNS may also be responsible for supervising and supporting nurses who are providing bedside care. 

A clinical nurse specialist may be certified in one (or multiple) areas of medicine. They are commonly grouped into categories that include  population sets, healthcare settings, sub-specialties, and specific medical problems. 

For example, a CNS who is an expert in a population set might work in pediatrics, geriatrics, or womens/mens health. A healthcare setting specialty might be emergency room, urgent care, psychiatric, or rehabilitation. 

Some clinical nurse specialists will have expertise in medical subspecialties like oncology or endocrinology. Many times, a CNS will be specialized in a given medical problem such as wound care or managing chronic pain. 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Jobs  

Clinical nurse specialists jobs are in high demand. These roles offer advanced degree  registered nurses an opportunity to step into a leadership role where they can make a strong impact. 

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