What Jobs Pays The Highest as a CNA?

Those who choose to be in this field have the flexibility to work from various places. CNAs work at hospitals, patient homes, and long-term care facilities. Responsibilities and salaries for each CNA vary depending on which location they work. 

CNA Jobs Near Me: Choosing The Best Option

Many open positions hire, depending on availability, spacing, and necessity. When considering CNA jobs near me, looking outside your hometown is beneficial. If you find a location with growth opportunities, choosing that job is optimal. You will vary depending on your present situation.

Highest Paying Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

Each of these CNA jobs reflects salaries based on Zip Recruiter.


Nursing Technician – $30,500-$132,500 Annually 

Duties: Checking in patients, taking vitals, charting the medical history, and assisting in medical exams. This is the highest paying CNA job and is in very high demand.


Nursing Unit Clerk – $31,000-$70,500 Annually

Duties: Maintain patient’s private information, schedule appointments, oversee records, and respond to calls and voicemails. This role is more office-like and leaves out the hands-on experience. 


Nursing Aide Evaluator – $31,500-$58,500 Annually

Duties: Support nurse aid students, provide lesson plans, oversee candidates taking exams, and manage testing environments.


CNAs Working In a Hospital – $31,500-$46,000 Annually

Duties: Bathing/cleaning patients, feeding, answering bed calls, transporting patients, checking vitals, and monitoring patients’ overall wellbeing.


Nursing Assistants – $25,000-$35,500 Annually

Duties: Similar to working in a hospital, however, demands are much less due to not as many patients. Nursing Assistants who opt out of the hospital setting are usually seen in personal care/assisted living facilities.

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