Where and How Can I Get CEUs to Renew My Nursing License in PA?

As a nurse, you have an obligation to renew your license upon its expiration date. For many, this will look like submitting a renewal application, completing continuing education units (CEUs), passing a background check, and paying the appropriate fees. Whether you must complete nursing CEUs is determined by the state’s guidelineswhere you received your nursing licensure.

Why must I take nursing CEUs as a working RN?

With completing the proper CEUs for your nursing licensure, your license will fall into a delinquent status. Therefore, if you want to continue working as a nurse, you must complete all requirements before it expires. In Pennsylvania, the State Board of Nursing will notify you biennially when your license is up for renewal. It’s essential to stay on top of your license renewal date because missing the correspondence from the state doesn’t negate your need to complete renewal. 

As a nurse, you will never stop learning. Scientists continually work to create better techniques and advanced methods of care. Medications, treatments, and procedures may also evolve throughout your career. Your license expires to ensure that every nurse is up to date with modern healthcare practices. 

How do I know if I have to complete nursing CEUs to renew my nursing license?

To find out if you need to complete CEUs for your nursing license renewal, visit your State Board of Nursing’s website. Whenever you reach the website, click on the license renewal process to find your unique requirements.

For example, in Pennsylvania, nurses are considered mandatory reporters for child abuse and neglect. Therefore, during every renewal period, a nurse must complete CEUs on identifying and responding to child abuse.

Where can I take my nursing CEUs?

It’s imperative to find board-approved providers when completing your CEUs. Nonprofessional courses will not be accepted.

Where can I find a list of Board-approved providers?

Several types of board-approved activities will count towards your CEUs. Here is a list of options to fulfill your CEU renewal requirements.

  • Activities sponsored by Board-approved professional nursing or nationally accredited graduate nursing programs 
  • Activities sponsored by an accredited professional nursing, CRNP, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, or Nurse-Midwifery education program 
  • Activities sponsored by accredited hospitals and health care facilities 
  • Activities sponsored by hospitals and health care facilities licensed by the Department of Health or the Department of Human Services (formerly the Department of Public Welfare) 
  • Activities sponsored by regionally accredited institutions of higher education
  • Activities sponsored by national nursing, medical, osteopathic, or other healthcare professional organizationsand their state and regional affiliates
  •  Activities sponsored by national trade organizations, associations, and their affiliated groupsand state and regional affiliates
  • Activities approved by national nursing, risk management, health care quality, and patient safety organizations 
  • Activities sponsored by federal and state agencies 
  • Activities approved by the Nursing Board in another jurisdiction

Can I take a professional nursing course that does not have Board approval?

There is an option to request approval for a provider through the State Board of Nursing in PA. It’s crucial to send in your request at least 90 days before beginning CEU to allow the Board sufficient time to review the program.

If I am teaching an approved CEU course, does that count towards my license renewal?

Unfortunately, the Board has withheld the notion that academy teaching does not count towards CEUs for nurses at this time. 

What is the outlook for nursing jobs in PA?

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