5 Advantages of Being an LPN

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Working as a licensed practical nurse means that you will spend many hours away from home and be on your feet for the majority of those hours. It is a busy job that involves a lot of responsibility and requires you to have plenty of patience. While the workload can be stressful for an LPN, many hours worked can help you financially. And the reward you receive from helping others in need can be substantial.

If you are considering becoming a licensed practical nurse, here are more details about the job duties and the many benefits you can receive by taking on this essential role in healthcare.  

LPN Job Description

Most LPNs work in healthcare facilities such as doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals. Their duties can include providing routine care to patients, observing health and vital signs, assisting doctors and RNs with responsibilities, and communicating with patients and their family members. LPNs have also been known to work outside of healthcare facilities. These nurses are often hired to provide primary in-home care to patients who are too sick or injured to leave their homes. 

5 Advantages of Being a Licensed Practical Nurse

There are many significant advantages to working in the healthcare industry as a licensed practical nurse. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect if you become an LPN.

Less Time in School

An LPN spends less time earning their degree than an RN. Doing so means you could be on your way to getting a stable and reliable healthcare job much faster if you choose to be an LPN. In most cases, students spend only one year studying a practical nurse program. Compare that to the four years it takes to complete a professional nursing degree program to become an RN.

Adds Variety to Your Routine

LPN’s daily routine is not repetitive. You are continually providing care to a variety of patients whose needs are always changing. While there will always be some tasks you will need to perform each day, the LPN schedule is constantly changing, and you still have to be prepared for what happens next.

Option to Further Your Studies is Always Open

If you hope to gain plenty of work experience before taking on a much larger healthcare role, starting as an LPN is the right choice. When you work for a few years as an LPN, you will gain plenty of skills and knowledge in healthcare to help you be more successful in your studies and future career as an RN.

Get Appreciation for All Your Hard Work

The patients you care for, as well as their family members, will see how dedicated you are to your job. They will appreciate the hard work you put into giving care each day. The type of care you provide as an LPN can make your patient’s day much easier. And many older patients, such as those in a nursing home, will appreciate the company you share with them along with the care you provide.

Growth in Employment Expected in the Years to Come

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LPN jobs are expected to grow as much as 16% by 2024. This level of job security can reassure you and provide you with peace of mind. You will know you have made the right decision for your financial future, all while helping other people who are in need at the same time.

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