Transitioning from LPN to RN: How to Do It and What to Expect

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One of the best things about a career in nursing is the opportunity to move up the ladder. You have the chance to take on different responsibilities, work with a variety of patients, and improve your annual salary by transitioning from a Licensed Practical Nurse ( LPN) to a Registered Nurse (RN). While it can be a smooth and seamless process, some effort must go into this transition. If you are serious about transitioning from an LPN to an RN, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Why You Should Consider Switching From an LPN to an RN

Many LPNs may be curious about improving their salary and becoming a registered nurse. But at the same time, they may feel that they do not have the time to train and pursue the next step in their nursing career.

Many people do not know that the more experience you have working as an LPN, the easier it will be for you to transition to becoming an RN. But why should you consider making the switch, especially if you are content with working as an LPN?

The change in salary can be a massive motivator for transitioning from an LPN to an RN. LPNs can earn an average of $46,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. RNs, on average, earn around $71,000 annually.

The salary increase is just one of the factors that can motivate an LPN to become an RN. Many licensed professional nurses will consider pursuing a career as a registered nurse to expand their practice scope. In other words, those who have a career in nursing can do more for their patients and the facilities they work for if they are a registered nurse.

LPN vs. RN: Which Option Is Best for You?

One of the most significant changes nurses face when they transition from an LPN to an RN is increased responsibility. LPNs are used to their scope of practice and the boundaries within their work environment. Switching to the role of an RN with more responsibilities can be overwhelming. RNs are responsible for the care they directly provide, but they can also be responsible for the care provided by other nurses who are in their charge. While some facilities will have a process in place for reporting issues related to care, it is usually up to the registered nurse to correct any mistakes.

Although the salary increase can make the role of a registered nurse more appealing than the role of an LPN, the increased responsibility may be more than some people want to take on. Many former LPNs welcome the new commitments and appreciate the trust others put into them to get the job done correctly. But for some, the responsibility can be overwhelming. That is something that LPNs should consider before they decide to transition to an RN role.

For those who welcome the change and added responsibility, returning to class and completing the curriculum for becoming a registered nurse can be extremely rewarding. It shows future employers that you have a strong commitment to your career in healthcare.

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