5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a CNA

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A career as a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, can be very rewarding and exciting. CNAs work closely with patients and nurses to provide care by providing basic support and other tasks depending on the need. Also, CNAs play an important role in a patient’s health, so if you are considering becoming a CNA, here are five things you should know. 


CNAs are crucial to a patient’s quality of life

CNAs provide support that is emotional as well as physical. Caring for a patient’s basic needs requires a level of mutual understanding and comfort. Patients experience numerous setbacks that affect their quality of life. This can be anything from readjusting their positioning because of pain to assisting them with bathing. Regardless, CNAs provide hands-on care for patients when their quality of life is altered. 

A CNA does more than basic self-care

Part of the stigma around a career as a CNA is that CNAs perform tasks that revolve only around the maintenance of the patient. This included washing bedding, bathing the patient, and helping them to walk. The fact of the matter is CNAs perform tasks that assist nurses, so CNAs often perform tasks that a nurse would do.

Patient relationships are essential when working as a CNA

CNAs work very closely with patients, so they become more closely acquainted with them than most other medical personnel. From the moment a patient checks in, a CNA is there to tend for them, especially when a nurse is busy. CNAs are with a patient for the duration of their stay. As such, being a people person is a huge plus when working as a CNA. However, if this trait does not come naturally to you, it can always be learned. Any person who is naturally caring, kind, and courteous brings a huge skill set to a career as a CNA. 

Be prepared for any tasks or challenges thrown your way

As a CNA, you are responsible for a variety of different tasks. Depending on whether you work at a hospital, nursing home, or another facility, your tasks may constantly change to fit the role of your work environment. Do not let it deter you if you are faced with a task that you do not know how to complete. As a CNA, you are there to assist nurses in whichever way seems fit.  This means occasionally facing a task that does not come naturally to you but can be learned through practice and assistance. 

If you do not complete a task well the first time, do not take it personally. Part of becoming a CNA is growing to face challenges that do not come easily to you. 

Becoming a CNA is a journey

Some people are easily deterred from becoming a CNA. It is a career path that requires training, education, and often many sacrifices. It is also a career that requires an emotional commitment. Knowing these things beforehand will help you succeed as you advance through the process of becoming a CNA. With the right amount of determination, commitment, and passion, you can complete the journey of becoming a CNA. 

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