Med Techs:  What to Expect From the Job

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A medication technician, or med tech, works closely with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to perform a wide range of tasks. You can expect to provide assistance from hands-on care to distributing medication. A career as a med tech can be rewarding and impactful, as they play a vital role in patient care. 

Med techs must possess a valuable range of people and medical skills, training in which can prepare you for success. If you consider becoming a med tech, you can expect these duties and experiences on the job.

Duties of a Med Tech

Working as a med tech has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your skillset. While it is less physically demanding than the duties of a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), you can view a med tech job as in between an LPN and a CNA. Med techs are responsible for administering medications and overseeing primary patient care. While the job is not too physically demanding, med techs often have to transport patients by pushing their wheelchairs and assisting mobility. Other duties, such as helping with personal hygiene, are usually the role of the CNA. However, since med techs are lead aides, it’s imperative to assist CNAs with their job duties once they have completed their tasks. Your role is to ensure the completion of every aide assignment.

Generally, med techs work more closely with patients than other healthcare workers during an average shift. Sometimes, a med tech can go an entire shift without interacting with coworkers. Different work facilities require additional tasks and work hours. On an average day, a med tech simply assists a nurse in providing care. 

Besides giving medications and providing basic care, med techs monitor vitals and document changes in a patient’s condition. Med techs can expect to tend to a certain number of patients each day in a set order. Sometimes, patients need additional attention if they request medication or assistance when unscheduled. 

Career Longevity 

Medication tech careers have lower than average turnover rates and high job satisfaction rates, which means that you can expect to work at the same location for an extended period. Med tech jobs are usually less emotionally draining than other healthcare positions. Since the job is less physically demanding, med techs can work for many years in the same position. However, career development is endless when you jump into this medical role. 

Med techs work independently with less direct contact with other healthcare workers. Depending on your personality, this can be a pro or con to your career satisfaction. Being independent for long hours can take a toll on some people, while it can be relaxing and stress-free for others. 

Job growth will increase for med tech jobs in upcoming years. Med tech positions also tend to come with good benefits packages. The average salary for a med tech is around $30,000 per year but varies depending on your location. Similar medical professions, such as phlebotomists and CNAs, are also slightly growingwith comparable salaries. Career growth, stable work environments, and above-average benefits make a career as a med tech fulfilling and worthwhile. 

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