5 Signs You’ll be a Great Registered Nurse

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Congratulations! You have received your Registered Nurse License. Now it’s time to start looking for your first nursing job. At this point, some self-doubt may creep in. That is perfectly normal; everyone has experienced it. Listed below are the 5 qualifications that you need to have to be a great RN. Go through these and see if you have what it takes. It’s almost guaranteed that you do because you made it this far. The journey is not easy, but you have done it. Do you have these qualities? 

1. Knowledge, problem-solving skills, and the desire to keep learning. 

Of course, you have the knowledge, you graduated from nursing school. The physicians, staff, and patients will rely on your knowledge to help solve future medical challenges. Your ongoing education will be instrumental in your nursing, too. Sharing new treatments and procedures with your staff will also be important.

2. Caring, compassion, empathy for patients, colleagues, and self.

Showing kindness and empathy to your patients is a must to help them relax and cooperate. You cannot be a good nurse on any level without being caring toward the patients. There will be times when they will need sympathy, but most of the time they need compassion. Treat your patients like you would want your loved ones treated. Show the same kindness and empathy to yourself and your staff when the job gets unusually stressful. Find ways to let them take breaks and eat; they will appreciate your kindness.

3. Communication skills, ability to relate, sense of humor

You don’t have to always be “Susie Sunshine”, but you do need to smile and talk to people. That is an imperative part of nursing. It is so important that you can talk in a calm voice to the patients and the staff. You may be the only patient, reasonable voice in an emergency. If you can bring in a little humor, or at least smile or laugh when the patient attempts humor, it will help them. Some patients, especially men, use humor to divert attention away from pain. They say, “Laughter heals the soul.” It helps heal the body, too.

4. Attention to detail, timeliness, and protocols

There will be times when you must pay close attention to small details and nursing protocols must be followed. The registered nurse is the voice of reason in these situations. Small details may provide the answers to the patient’s diagnosis. You will be in a position to review the patient’s records much more than the physicians. Thanks to your training, you can help find the problem and make the diagnosis. When staff feels the necessity to violate protocol, it is the RN’s job to make that call. 

5. Drive to do more for your patients, staff, and facility

You are the person who is always looking for a better way to do things, a more efficient, less costly, or less time-consuming way. There are constant changes in medicine. Don’t assume that someone else would have already found this solution. If you have an idea, test it. See if it will work and then recommend it. Be open-minded and receptive to ideas from others and complaints from patients. 

You have dedicated a lot of years to become a Registered Nurse for all the right reasons. You are hardworking, a leader and motivator, an innovator, and love helping people. You want to be in the business of saving lives. 

For more information on nursing, and to locate registered nursing positions available in your area, visit Cynamed Registered Nurse Search. It’s time you get started doing what you are going to be great at.

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