How CNAs Can Build a Good Reputation with LPNs and RNs

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Are you interested in nursing assistant jobs?  CynaMed defines CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) as nursing assistants that provide basic healthcare and assistance to patients in a healthcare facility.  Nursing assistant jobs are ideal for individuals interested in becoming an LPN (licensed practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse).  According to, most states require the completion of a 4 to 12-week program.  Make sure to check your state’s requirements before creating a plan for a rewarding career as a CNA.  Once you have completed your training, you are ready to search for CNA jobs near me!  

As a CNA interested in developing your career and providing their patients with optimal care, it’s essential to gain the respect of your peers.  You will soon find out that the relationship between you and your coworkers must be great in a healthcare facility.  It’s important to understand that you become part of a team when you choose to work in the healthcare industry.  Your colleagues must trust and respect you to create a great dynamic of care for your patients.  You must work to strengthen the relationship between yourself and your coworkers.

How to Gain Trust from Your Colleagues

The beauty of this job is that you are changing people’s lives by taking care of them.  Nursing assistant jobs are a great fit for people who are selfless and caring. CNAs are world changers. However, it’s also important to note that your job description requires that you assist your superiors.  RNs have a leadership role and will delegate their needs to you. Likewise, CNAs must respect the RNs for their level of expertise.  Listening and respecting your superiors will create a great rapport from the very beginning.  You can also gain trust by consistently showing up for your scheduled shift on time and helping your team.  If you are looking to grow in your career, you must master your responsibilities and be willing to garner new job experiences.  

CNA Responsibilities

The NurseJournal defines CNA responsibilities as helping patients stay clean and comfortable, ensuring patients rooms are sanitary, assisting patients with eating and drinking, assisting patients with their mobility, answering call buttons and responding to other patient requests, taking vitals, and recognizing probable warning signs, like changes in blood pressure or the possibility of infection.  As you can tell, jobs for nursing assistants are highly active and involve heavy lifting.  The demands for this job are very strenuous, but they are essential for operating a healthcare facility.  To be a reputable CNA, you must complete these responsibilities correctly and efficiently. Finishing your job duties will make the LPNs and Rns jobs easier (which are hectic enough), and you will gain respect from yourself and your superiors.   

Support Staff and Patients

The bottom line to creating a positive relationship in a healthcare work environment is to show compassion.  When you enter a room, knock and say hello.  Build connections with the people around you by asking about their day and listening to them. Pay close attention to details and be willing to share vital information with staff and family members.

Nursing assistant jobs require excellent interpersonal skills and the desire to comfort others during illness or emergency circumstances. Your peers will see how passionate you are about this career through the attention you give to your patients.  Having compassion and a desire to care for patients will earn your respect from LPNs and RNs.  If you want to have a rewarding career with endless growth potential, a CNA position may be right for you.  Cynamed will be happy to find the perfect position to fit your needs. Apply online at Cynamed today!

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