Do RNs Need to Renew Their License When Relocating?

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Choosing a career as a Registered Nurse is rewarding and impactful. You are changing lives and generating a reliable source of income. However, the road to becoming a nurse will not be an easy one. You will find your nose in a book, studying for exams, and working hands-on with all kinds of patients. But it will all be worth it whenever you land that first RN job.

As a nurse, you will train at an accredited school of nursing. There are hundreds of these schools across the United States. That’s one exceptional quality of nursing: it’s universal. You will learn to practice nursing in one part of the country and possibly save lives in another region. The science and demand are the same. 

Nursing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, expect nursing jobs to experience exponential growth over the next thirty years. Therefore, a nursing degree practically guarantees job security.

Job security doesn’t mean that you have to lay roots down in one area. Because nursing is universal, you can begin your career anywhere in the United States. With the proper licensure, you can start work in any state.

What Is an RN License? 

Every state has its own licensure process. That means if you have a license in Illinois and want to work in Pennsylvania, you will need to apply for a new license in PA. Although there is no limit to how many nursing licenses you can apply for or use, maintaining several state licenses can become cumbersome and expensive. 

States require an RN license to practice nursing to show the public that you are prepared and competent. You must complete an accredited nursing program, pass the national license exam, pay the required fees, and pass a background check to receive a license. This process is designed for public safety and health.

RN License Renewal

As a nurse, you will never stop learning. Studies and scientists work every day to create better techniques and advanced methods of care. Medications, treatments, and procedures may also continually change throughout your career. An RN license carries an expiration date to ensure that every nurse is up to date with modern healthcare practices. To renew this license, a nurse may be required to complete continuing education courses, complete a background check, and pay renewal fees.

The nursing license renewal process is a seamless online application that generally gets approved within three working days. The State Board of Nursing in PA will notify you biennially when your nursing license is up for renewal. Then, you must apply for renewal before the expiration date—so that your license stays active and you can continue practicing nursing.

Every state requires nursing license renewal, but all of the requirements are not the same. If you live in New York and want to work in Pennsylvania for six months out of the year, you must stay on top of the license renewal requirements in both PA and NY.

Nursing License Compact (NLC)

Fortunately, people have long declared interstate policies redundant and expensive. The Nursing License Compact allows members to apply for a multistate license and work in various states using one license. As of now, there are a little over thirty states involved in the NLC. In June of 2021, PA has chosen to become one of those states. Once this policy is implemented, you can maintain one license and work in PA alongside any other NLC state.

RN License Renewal has Never Been Easier

The enactment of the NLC policy will allow more nurses to begin a nursing career in PA. CynaMed has excellent opportunities for RNs to work in various healthcare environments with the most respectable clients. We will focus on your availability, experience, and skill set to match you with the perfect position. Contact us or apply on our website, and start the journey to a rewarding life today!


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