Create Your Career as a Registered Nurse in 2022

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The time for nurses is now. Certified med techs, CNAs, LPNs, and RNs are in high demand, and not limited to 2022. Projections indicate up to a million new nursing professional jobs will be in demand this year. From the boomer generation populating assisted living, nurses retiring, and the pandemic requirements growing, nurses are more than essential. They are vital for the growing workforce! Registered nurse jobs are paving the way for long-lasting careers, and we can help you manifest those goals. 

What Is the Job Outlook of a Registered Nurse? 

While nurse practitioners in general are in demand, the RN workforce alone will increase by 7%, including nearly 222,000 new RNs to the workforce. Additionally, over 175,000 openings are anticipated each year through 2029. Multiple options and openings are becoming incrementally available to registered nurses. 

An aging population entering long-term facilities, or living with arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and obesity, attribute to the RN demand increase. RNs are crucial in caring for and educating patients living with these and other lingering illnesses. APRNs are in high demand as well, since they conduct similar physician services. This is due in part to APRNs filling a gap in areas that lack access to qualified physicians.

The Top Registered Nurse Need: A Good Resume

Now is a great time to look back over your medical resume. It can be easy to lose track of all our accomplishments. Between coursework, shifts, and recovery, resumes sometimes need to be dusted off. Registered nurse needs are increasing, so reviewing and updating your resume is key. Flesh out the details of your skills, link them with experiences, and bring certifications and continued education up to speed. Not only should you celebrate your current accomplishments, don’t forget to highlight your goals. Most employers treat summaries as snapshots into applicant intention and motivation. There is always a chance that your goals are in line with your future employers’ milestones.

Give Yourself the Edge

RNs looking to stay ahead of the curve should consider enrollment in continuing education (CE) classes. This can sharpen your skills, and introduce you to new ones to include in your resume. Some CEs are required to maintain licensure, but all CEs can enrich your learning experience at any time. Employers love seeing knowledgeable upkeep as well! Look into mentorships and charities, too. This keeps you connected with professionals and the community, alike. As medical facilities and professionals open themselves up further to their surrounding areas, connection is attractive on applications.

Opportunities for Nurses

Since 2021, hospitals and outpatient care centers have been–and will be–top employers for RNs. Certain practice areas have started expanding to meet changing patient demographics. Community-based care has grown, as well as Medicare enrollment from the Baby Boomers. Affordable Care has increased access to health care services, placing emphasis on primary care, prevention, wellness, and chronic disease management. 


In the midst of COVID-19, qualified RNs with experience in telemedicine stand out. During the height of the pandemic, hospitals and healthcare organizations came to rely on telemedicine consultation and services during lockdowns. Telemedicine was compatible with quarantine protocols, but the practice continues as an option for those homebound patients. This also extends to psychiatric mental health. There was a demand before COVID-19, but this has spiked during the pandemic, creating vacancies for mentally specialized NPs. 


This is only a glimpse at the opportunities that await ambitious RNs. We can help you explore the careers waiting for you in an ever-expanding industry that needs you today!

CynaMed places RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Certified Med Techs in Western PA, and is the first locally-owned staffing agency with Joint Commission Certification. Visit us today for more information or to get started on your new career path. You can call us to talk one-on-one with a CynaMed team associate, or take advantage of our RNA resources for more tips and insight.

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