Med Tech Training and Course Expectations

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Medication technicians can sometimes be overlooked in the nursing field. But, they play a vital role in healthcare facilities. Working as a med tech offers individuals a unique way to explore a career in nursing. The med tech training procedure provides candidates with both the knowledge and hands-on experience they will need to be successful. Each state has its own process for receiving med tech certification. That being said, the skills and procedures are consistent everywhere.

The state of Pennsylvania uses a “train the trainer” model for medical technician certification. Here is a breakdown of everything a prospective med tech can expect from this training program.


Free Med Tech Training

A “train the trainer” model means that the training courses are taught by other certified medication technicians. This means that many healthcare providers are able to provide free training to prospective med techs with in-house trainers.

Med tech trainers must be employed as certified medication technicians for at least six months. After this time, they are eligible to take the Medication Administration Training program.

One of the primary advantages of this model is that a person with first-hand experience will train you. All trainers will be fully up-to-date on best practices and will have great knowledge of the specific work environment.

What to Expect from Med Tech Classes

Medication administration is a critical job that requires great attention to detail and organization. Because of this, med tech classes are designed to help train and prepare students for the challenges of the job. There are several components involved in the medication technician training program.

The current version of the med tech training course involves both online and classroom portions. The online portion of the course involves both lessons and required quizzes for the students. There are also face-to-face classroom meetings included in the course. In addition to these components, students must also complete a written exam and a competency test. As part of this examination process, students will be observed administering medication. The goal of this program is to provide students first with the knowledge necessary to perform the job. Once students have passed all technical components of the course, they advance to the more practical examinations.

Med tech classes will cover the responsibilities of the medication technician. This also includes identifying what aspects of healthcare are not the med tech’s responsibility. Med Techs often work under the direction of an RN or another supervisor. There are many responsibilities belong to that individual. The training program may also prepare students for what to expect in the work environment, such as patient interaction. However, working as a medication technician does not typically involve as much direct nursing care as other positions.


After Completion of Med Tech Classes 

After completing your med tech classes, it is possible to become certified as a trainer for future classes. Once you have reached six months on the job, you can enroll in the Medication Administration Training program. Temple University runs a state-approved program for Pennsylvania Med Techs.

If you are interested in pursuing medication administration certification, CynaMed’s Med Tech resources page has everything you need. Working as a med tech is a great way to break into the nursing industry for those who lack experience. The certification does not require any previous nursing experience. The job offers great, first-hand experience in the field. Working as a med tech can be a career option or a stepping stone into other nursing positions.

CynaMed offers guidance, support, and resources to any personal care workers in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you are interested in working as a med tech, or any other nursing position, CynaMed can help you.

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