Is LPN Licensing Renewal Affecting Jobs in PA & LPN Jobs Near Me

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According to an NPR data analysis, over half of the 12,000 nurses issued licenses to work in Pennsylvania last year waited for three months or longer to get them. The delays in processing LPN licensure applications and renewals in PA were sky-high between 2020 and 2021. If a nurse did a search for “LPN jobs near me” during this period, they’d likely see a huge number of open positions. However, the inactive (or nonexistent) status of their license would disqualify them as a candidate. Healthcare systems in the state of Pennsylvania, along with many other states across the country were taking huge staffing hits. 

The data also suggests that Pennsylvania’s overburdened licensure system played a significant role in sidelining nurses that could have been major assets during the biggest COVID-19 surges. Nurses who were desperately needed and eager to help were unable to do so during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this resulted in current nursing staff becoming overworked, which led to burnout. Additionally, it restricted many hospitals from operating at full capacity because there weren’t enough nurses to staff all the beds. 

LPN Jobs Near Me

In the aftermath of the pandemic, healthcare systems are now starting to recover. Licensure systems are starting to catch up with the demand for expedited processing of RN and LPN licenses and renewals. A solution, which has lifted the burden a bit, has been the issuance of temporary licenses and extensions on licenses that are set to expire. This has been alleviating backlogs for the fine being as the state licensure system plays catch up.

 Now, if you do a search for “LPN job near me”, you’ll still see lots of open positions. The good news is that there are resources in place to help expedite any licensing delays to make you a qualified candidate quickly.

The role of an LPN is unique and their influence is far-reaching. LPNs are involved in many aspects of patient care— from care planning and collaboration to education and advocacy. 

1: Patient Care Plans

LPNs spend a great amount of time at patients’ bedsides. They often develop connections with patients and their families since their involvement is so regular. Because of this, LPNs are valuable assets in helping to create and implement patient care plans. 

2: Collaboration 

An exceptional LPN is compassionate and intrinsically motivated to help improve the quality of life of the patients they care for. They provide physical care, but they also are in the position to offer emotional and transitional support as well. 

3: Patient Education 

LPNs work closely with patients and monitor their response to the care plans put into place. Oftentimes, LPNs need to explain diagnoses and treatments in detail to patients in a way that they can understand. LPNs are educators in that they provide instructions on the “hows and whys” as it relates to their plan of care.  

4: Patient Advocacy

LPNs are often the first to observe and assess whether or not a patient’s care plan is producing positive results. If it’s not, an LPN must advocate for their patients to support and protect their rights. 

LPN Jobs

In summary, the nursing shortage is real and the licensing delays have been compounding the problem. The role of the licensed practical nurse is multifaceted and the work of an LPN can be seen in multiple areas of patient care. Certainly, the versatility of LPNs makes them highly important positions within the healthcare system. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of LPNs is expected to increase by 11% by 2028. This stat makes LPN the fastest-growing profession in the country, on average.

If you are just starting a job hunt or are looking to make a change in your work scenery, you’ve come to the right place. With over 18 years in the healthcare staffing industry, CynaMed is one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in Pennsylvania. Simply put, we’ll put you right where you’re meant to be. From providing resources to connecting you with your dream nursing job, CynaMed can help you on your way. Reach out to us today.


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