4 of The Best Certified Med Tech Training Resources

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Certified Med Techs (also referred to as Medication Technicians) work closely with nurses to provide quality care for patients. One of the primary responsibilities of a certified med tech is assisting patients with activities of daily life (ADL). Firstly, med techs help with bathing, brushing hair and teeth, dressing, feeding, and assisting patients with using the restroom. Secondly, they help provide basic care at the patient’s bedside like repositioning and elevating limbs. Additionally, they help with transferring them from their beds to wheelchairs for transport. 

Med techs are also tasked with taking blood pressure readings and patient temperatures. They dispense medications prepared by a nurse or pharmacist. Med techs must have strong verbal communication skills to explain care plans and treatment modalities to patients and their families.  They must also accurately communicate with doctors and nurses as it relates to patient symptoms and responses to those care plans and treatments.  

One of the benefits of becoming a med tech is how quickly you can be certified. Many programs in Pennsylvania take only weeks to months to complete. You do not need a college-level degree to work in this role. It is an entry-level position. However, choosing to enter the healthcare field as a med tech is a great option for an individual who wants to start working in the field quickly. 

If you have a goal of furthering your education and becoming a nurse down the road, med tech is a great starting point. Many of the med-tech duties offer valuable experience on the job. Additionally, you have the benefit of working alongside nurses for a great vantage point of what they do.  

Med Tech Job

CynaMed has the resources to train, certify, and observe med techs. Once you’ve become certified and matched with a med-tech job, you must be observed every 6 months by an authorized PA State Med Tech Trainer. CynaMed has that resource on staff to complete these on-site observations. We are dedicated to working alongside you as you pursue recertification for continued med tech work. We are also here to provide resources and education if you want to advance in your career. 

Below is a list of the top 4 med tech training resources to help you get started in your pursuits. 

1: The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Medication Administration Training Program— Training program that blends virtual training and classroom instruction. 

2: Temple University- Medication Administration Training 

3: MACE Exam— A national medication aide certification exam typically administered to nurse aides who choose to receive additional training to become certified medication aides.

4: Medication Administration Training— instructional and resource videos for professional caregivers. 

For more links to helpful resources, visit the CynaMed website.

What Is A Med Tech?

We get a lot of questions at CynaMed and are happy to provide the answers that will help you move forward in your career. One question we get often is, “What is a med tech?” In short, we hope this blog gave you a comprehensive understanding of what a med tech is, what they do, and the important part they play in patient care in many nursing environments.

If you are just starting a job hunt or are looking to make a change in your work scenery, you’ve come to the right place. With over 18 years in the healthcare staffing industry, CynaMed is one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in Pennsylvania. Simply put, we’ll put you right where you’re meant to be. From providing resources to connecting you with your dream nursing job, CynaMed can help you on your way. Reach out to us today!

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