For an RN: Work from Home Jobs

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Work from home nursing jobs are defined as any nursing career that nurses can do remotely. Historically, nurses have been practically synonymous with hospitals or healthcare settings. Today, there are a plethora of new paths branching out from that of a traditional nursing career. RN work from home jobs are on the rise. This growth has many benefits for nurses. 

Remote nursing is not an entirely new concept. However, the COVID-19 pandemic did bring it to the mainstream. As the virus made it unsafe to see people in person, and also created staff shortages, remote nursing care quickly became the new normal. Healthcare systems began pulling nurses in to stand in the gaps as virtual care was launched on a greater scale. 

Work From Home Jobs

As we’ve mentioned, real nursing work doesn’t just happen at a hospital bedside anymore. A myriad of opportunities exists where nurses can use their education, knowledge, and experience to influence and impact multiple other disciplines and industries. Listed below are the top 4 work from home RN jobs that allow nurses to use their nursing expertise remotely. 

1: Insurance & Case Management 

Health insurance companies have a great need for people with healthcare knowledge to work on staff, examining and investigating claims. Therefore, nurses are great assets because they have extensive knowledge of medical conditions, common treatment plans, prognosis, etc. Additionally, they have experience with reading and understanding protected health information details in medical records. 

2: Call Center & Triage Nursing 

Call centers are a nice option for nurses who are interested in taking on more of an administrative role. They function at a slower pace and are not as heavy in time sensitive matters. Telemedicine triage roles, on the other hand, are more direct patient care centered—they require a bit more urgency. In a call center position, nurses will be in charge of directing calls to the appropriate parties, but triage roles deal directly with patients. For instance, they gather information, assess symptoms, provide medical advice, and recommend the best course of action.

3: Nurse Writer & Nurse Educator 

Medical writing is a growing field. However, it’s a complex role that requires strong written communication skills and an extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedures. Nurses can enjoy thriving freelance careers as medical writers. Nurse educators are in high demand, as well. As more and more colleges and universities offer online classes, the need for qualified nurse educators grows. There is also demand for nurse educators within licensure programs across the country. 

4: Clinical Research Nurse

Many healthcare facilities and teaching hospitals across the country have clinical research programs. Nurses are great assets in these programs because of their backgrounds and experience in hands-on patient care. Clinical research nurses help develop and facilitate studies to provide information about new medical procedures, medications, and disease prevention methods. Nurses are needed to help recruit trial participants and train research staff. 

Working From Home Is Changing The Modern Nursing Employment Landscape

The healthcare industry is undergoing seismic changes post pandemic. There is a shift in the modern nursing employment landscape significantly. A career in nursing can look much different than it has historically. As advances in technology shape modern medicine, remote nursing opportunities outside of the hospital setting are growing exponentially. RNs are in demand in many different industries. These include legal, technology, and insurance professions. 

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