How to Manage Stress in the Wake of a Nursing Shortage

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Nurses undergo a significant amount of stress daily. Yet, nurses do it all, whether running to a late-night call or having to work a 12-hour shift. As a result, these medical professionals contribute significantly to the work environment even during a global nursing shortage.  

Living during a Nursing Shortage

A hard-working nurse under stress could be detrimental to any team’s foundation. Your quality of work declines, and nothing seems to go the right way. CynaMed would like to offer our nurses a few strategies to use if they feel stressed in their work environment.

Constantly Fatigued/Tired In a Shortage of Nurses

If you feel like you’ve just done a 12-hour shift and it’s only 10 am, chances are you’re experiencing a type of ‘burnout.’ Burnout can be described as a constant feeling of dread, frustration, and exhaustion. Symptoms can be physical or mental and can’t always be seen at first glance. 

Feeling Overworked 

Due to the nurse shortage, employers often give hefty workloads when insufficient staff is available. This can be harsh on your mental health and create stress on your body. 

Work Doesn’t Feel Like It Used To

Dreading coming in to work every day during a shortage of nurses? Unfortunately, many nurses who are experiencing stress lose enjoyment in the jobs that they once loved. 

Getting Sick More Regularly

If you take more doctor visits than usual, your body may be distressed. Symptoms of stress-induced sickness include vomiting, fever, nausea, and headaches.

Ways to Manage Stress

Taking time to care for yourself may be best when your job is to care for others. If you can take a day out of your week to reset, you can start your week off strong and feel motivated to do tasks. Here are some tips to help manage your stress levels and return to your usual self.

Build Different Relationships

A healthy environment for your mind to unwind could be beneficial for you to keep yourself going. In addition, connecting with your friends and family is essential to having a healthy life balance. 

Go To Bed!

As a full-time nurses, we understand how difficult it is to get a good night’s rest. However, you must try your best to get anywhere between 6-8 hours of sleep. Not only will your body thank you, but your patients also receive optimal care when you are in your best condition.

Find a self-care routine.

Having time to create an exercise routine and healthy meal plan could reduce your stress levels significantly. Journaling or engaging in creative activities is also a great form of self-care. For more tips on practicing self-care, take a look at our e-book, Nurses: The Ultimate Guide To Self Care.

Reach out for help

Trying to solve a problem on your own may be your thing as a nurse on the go. It’s beautiful to ask for help when you need it most. Seeking a licensed therapist to help guide you through your troubles can benefit your mental health.

We understand how valuable our nurses are during this difficult time. CynaMed wants you to know we care about our nurses. Our nurses are precious to the community, and we are happy to offer our resources. If the nursing shortage has impacted you, please visit our website for support, training, or assistance in job placements.

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