What to Expect in an Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Setting

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As a healthcare professional, you may seek an environment to settle in. Assisted living vs. nursing home options may be a great fit if you want to escape the hospital environment. Unfortunately, assisted living and nursing homes sometimes tend to be confused with each other. 

Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living Benefits

There are many rewards to reap from working outside of the traditional hospital setting. Medical professionals can provide hands-on care to individuals much easier in smaller communities. Nursing home vs. assisted living benefits ranges from person to person and their desire to be more involved.

The Main Differences Between Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

When deciding on assisted living vs. nursing homes, remember that your patients depend on you. Many require individualized care for specific ailments and treatments. In addition, you will be able to get to know your patients and ensure they get the proper care. Here is what to expect when comparing assisted living vs. nursing home facilities.  

Assisted Living

Adults unable to live by themselves can live in an assisted living facility. Patients have access to common areas and have three meals a day. In addition, medical professionals help with the general wellness of patients. Some of their duties include:

Bathing and Clothing 

Some patients will have trouble clothing themselves and keeping clean due to disability or age. Healthcare professionals will help patients who need assistance in this department.

Administering medications

Certified med-techs often administer medication to patients and supervise them for any reactions they may have. 

Assisting in patient movement and exercise

Patients may need to move for rehabilitation purposes or simply for their wellbeing. Medical professionals work with patients to create a plan that works for them. You may also have to assist patients in their movement when the time comes physically. 

We are meeting with family members.

You may meet with family members of patients to relay any new information regarding the patient. The patient’s family needs to understand the needs of the patient and what they should expect.

Nursing Homes

Most of the time, adults who live in nursing homes cannot care for themselves and rely on you for their day-to-day functionalities. As a result, nursing homes often employ three kinds of nurses: LPNs, RNs, and Nurse Assistants/Aides. This job requires different levels of care for patients, which is why various facilities have specific hiring needs. 

For a Nurse Aide:

Bathing, feeding, and dressing are necessities you will have to provide for your patient. You will also answer the patient and check their vitals to ensure that everything is healthy. 

For an LPN:

In this role, expect to administer medications, record patient history, and give injections if needed. LPNs are supervised by an RN (usually) and assist in anything the nurse may need.

For an RN:

RNs hold the most responsibility. They are often named the Head Nurse and design plans for patients and schedules for LPNs and Nurse Aides. RNs can expect to draw blood, take vitals, and observe patient health. Nurses will be the most involved with their patients to determine whether their health improves. 

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home: Where can I work?

At CynaMed, we are currently hiring for positions for interested RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Certified Med Techs. We are delighted to offer classes for short-term, long-term, and permanent employees. If you don’t have experience working as a personal care aid, do not fret. We invite you to look at our personal Care Aide Resources website for more information. 

As a healthcare staffing agency, we place medical professionals in personal care/assisted living facilities to provide optimal patient care. With over 18 years in the healthcare industry, CynaMed has connections with top facilities in the greater Pittsburgh area. Visit our website or contact us to apply today!

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