7 Things to Remember When Building Your Nursing Resume

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While it is challenging to enter your nursing resume, having a powerful nursing resume is crucial to impress your future employer. So why let a resume impact? 

Specifying Your Nurse Resume

Which job are you applying to? First, create your resume based on the job you wish to achieve. Including details of the job description of interest is a great way to boost your resume. This way, you look like the perfect candidate! 

Follow Nursing Resume Examples

With hundreds of nursing resume examples at your fingertips, it’s hard to decide which one works best for you. The most important thing to consider when formatting your resume. For example, your name should stand bold and proud at the top of the document for the employer to see. In addition, essential aspects of your resume should be magnified with different fonts, colors, or bolding. Follow a nursing resume template if you are unsure of the correct formatting. 

Check for mistakes

There’s nothing worse than submitting a resume with a typo; it’s a bad look! One surefire way to lose out on a job is submitting a resume with errors. Applicants will triple-check resumes for all mistakes. Having someone else read over your resume can help.

Technological skills

Many employers have implemented technological advancements within the workplace to meet today’s standards. Be sure to list all kinds of experiences you have with healthcare technology. Experience with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is advisable to insert into your resume, according to Simmons University

Use keywords

Keywords are a great way to get your nurse resume noticed among thousands of applicants. Copious outlines are sorted digitally and use keywords to discover potential candidates. In addition, you will often find the keywords needed to insert into your resume in the job description. 

Place of Study

You spent all this time getting that nursing degree, so please do add that to your resume! Location and length of attendance at your school are crucial details to include. Fresh graduates who lack work experience should consist of other forms of knowledge such as internships, clinical rotations, etc. 

Length of Resume

With so many skills and experiences to choose from, it can easily overflow your resume. According to HR Dive, recruiters review resumes with an average of 7.4 seconds screen time. A hefty nurse resume is simply not an option when trying to get the recruiter’s attention. Be to the point, specific, and try to keep it to one page. 

Looking for nursing jobs? 

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