Nursing Home Jobs You Can Expect to Do as an LPN

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If you’re starting as an LPN, or licensed practical nurse, you may still be figuring out which responsibilities are yours. More than that, you may be wondering what your job looks like in nursing home settings. What kind of nursing home jobs can you expect to do as an LPN? 

We’re looking closer at the kinds of responsibilities an LPN can expect to encounter in a nursing home.

The High Demand for Nursing Home Jobs Near Me

One of the many career pathways LPNs can pursue is in a nursing home. Although there is demand for LPNs in several other settings, including hospitals and doctor’s offices, nursing homes have high demand. Before searching for “nursing home jobs near me,” know that you are entering a high-demand field.

According to a recent study by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 35% of LPNs worked in nursing homes or residential care facilities. That’s compared to 15% in hospitals, 14% in home healthcare settings, and 12% in physician’s offices. So many LPNs find work in these facilities because of the number of patients that need care. That number is only going to increase in the coming years.

The Growing Number of Retirees

Another reason more LPNs are needed in nursing homes is the growing number of elderly folks and retirees. As the Baby Boomers enter and pass retirement age, there is an increasing demand for care. Many nursing homes and retirement facilities are already feeling the strain of this demand and are looking for additional support.

It falls on LPNs in nursing homes to address this heightened strain. The jobs an LPN performs in a nursing home are vital to helping both patients and staff alike.

The Ongoing Need for Care

As this population grows, the size of staffing needs to expand with it. Ideally, individual caretakers can now give their patients more of the focused treatment they deserve. In dealing with patients directly and supporting physicians and staff, LPNs are vital in providing this individualized care.

Patient support networks can only grow so big with a select few staff, so more facilities are expanding the role of LPNs. This leads to more opportunities, which in turn drives up demand further.

Becoming an LPN gives rise to many potential opportunities, and nursing home facilities are a great avenue to pursue. With current trends going the way they are, more and more LPNs are choosing roles in nursing homes.

LPN Responsibilities at a Nursing Home

Now that you understand why nursing homes need LPNs, their responsibilities still may feel unclear. An LPN can fill many essential roles in modern healthcare practices. Primarily, an LPN provides routine care, observes patient health, assists doctors and registered nurses, and communicates instructions to patients. These instructions typically involve medication, home-based care, and preventative lifestyle changes.

In a nursing home, an LPN will be expected to have several crucial responsibilities. While working with physicians, LPNs will assist during regular rounds of the residents’ rooms. LPNs will also regularly interact with both nursing staff and nursing home residents.

Working With Nursing Staff

An LPN is a vital support alongside the rest of the nursing staff. In a nursing home, LPNs will help assign and delegate duties to non-licensed nursing staff. They will supervise other nursing staff while monitoring resident care. 

Taking Care of Residents

LPNs work with nursing home residents at every step of their stay, starting with admitting new residents. They will perform ongoing assessments of the residents’ physical and mental health. As a part of these assessments, they will explain procedures and treatment protocols to residents.

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