CNA Jobs at a Nursing Home

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Depending on the setting, CNAs will fulfill a variety of different tasks and roles. CNAs, also known as Certified Nursing Assistants, can work in any number of facilities and environments. One of the many places you’ll find CNA jobs is in a nursing home.

Keep reading to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a CNA in a nursing home setting.

CNA Jobs Near Me: What to Expect

Before researching “CNA jobs near me,” it’s important to note that CNA positions can be found in any number of environments. Many CNAs work in hospitals, provide home health services, or work with state, federal, or local governments. In most of these cases, a CNA job involves carrying out a variety of basic nursing assistant duties.

Some basic duties you can expect as a CNA include:

  • Observing patients’ vital signs and measurements.
  • Helping bathe or wash patients.
  • Treating wounds to prevent infections.
  • Helping with daily living functions including eating, getting dressed, and using the restroom.
  • Talking to patients and recording any reported symptoms, then relaying that information to doctors and nurses.
  • Turning and moving patients to prevent bed sores.
  • Helping patients transfer positions, like moving from sitting to laying, or sitting to standing.

Exact duties and responsibilities will vary based on the exact job, the patients, and the setting. No matter your duties and responsibilities, you need to be comfortable working closely with patients. CNAs interact very closely with patients in personal and intimate ways. It’s important to get comfortable discreetly performing tasks like bathing patients or helping them use the restroom.

CNAs in Nursing Homes

The most common position for CNAs is in a long-term nursing facility like a nursing home or assisted living center. According to BLS estimates, 34% of CNAs work at nursing care facilities, with 10% in continuing care and assisted living.

These facilities often house patients who need specialized care such as the elderly, disabled patients, and patients with severe illnesses. These patients usually require round-the-clock care, leading to longer shifts and longer hours.

Working in a nursing home or care facility is a great place to start for burgeoning CNAs. This allows plenty of time to gain confidence in your capabilities and refine the techniques learned in school.

In addition, working in a nursing home is an excellent resume builder for a CNA. By proving you can handle work in this type of organization, you can demonstrate your capabilities to other potential employers. In addition, these settings may offer benefits, full-time work, and regular work hours, possibly including overnight shifts and/or overtime.

Travel CNA Jobs: Another Potential Career Path

If you’re looking for regular changes in pace and setting, travel CNA jobs are an excellent route to take. Traveling CNAs typically work for an agency specializing in home health care. They’ll go to the patient’s home to perform checkups, administer medication, and assist with basic healthcare tasks.

Traveling CNA duties may also include documenting visits to patients’ homes and reporting to a nurse or medical professional. Their responsibilities may also include helping patients with daily tasks and chores. Travel CNAs may also be placed on-call to provide aid for clients or patients on an as-needed basis.

How to Become a Travel CNA

The exact qualifications to become a travel CNA vary depending on the state in question. This is because every state has its own standards and testing to accredit CNAs. In addition to the necessary tests to become a CNA, you will need a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

Working a CNA job in a nursing home can be an enriching and deeply satisfying experience. If you’re interested in getting placed in a CNA career working in senior care, CynaMed is here to help.

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