Who Gets the Most Jobs Out of CNAs, RNs, and LPNs?

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Due to the aging baby boomer population, nursing is currently one of the most in-demand fields in the healthcare industry. This growing demand is excellent news for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). Burgeoning opportunities mean guaranteed employment. 

Providing compassionate care and support to patients is at the heart of nursing. While administering medications, monitoring vitals, and tending to wounds, a nurse provides the hands-on treatment needed to heal and recover.

If you are wondering who gets the most jobs from CNAs, RNs, and LPNs, let’s take a closer look!

How Much Do CNAs Make?

The job prospects for nurses are increasing yearly due to the aging population and the climbing demand for long-term care services. If you are considering getting a certification as a nursing assistant, you may be wondering, how much do CNAs make?

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released in May 2021, nursing assistants nationwide earn a median annual wage of $30,310. That translates to a median hourly wage of $14.56 per hour. However, income can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and employer.

Whether you are a CNA, RN, or LPN, job and wage stability is the objective. Let’s dive into the prospects and likelihood of finding work for each nursing profession.

Job Prospects for Nurses

Firstly, it is important to note that all three roles are essential in providing quality care to patients. However, the demand for these roles varies depending on several factors, such as location, population size, and healthcare needs. In general, RNs have the most job opportunities, followed by LPNs and then CNAs.

CNAs are entry-level nursing professionals who provide primary care to patients under the supervision of RNs and LPNs. They typically work in hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes. CNAs assist with activities of daily living, take vital signs, and help patients with mobility. 

LPNs, like CNAs, provide primary care to patients. But, LPNs also perform more advanced tasks, such as starting IVs and changing wound dressings. LPNs report to their supervising RNs and may work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.

RNs, on the other hand, are responsible for managing patient care and overseeing other healthcare professionals, including CNAs and LPNs. RNs have a more extensive range of responsibilities, such as administering medication, performing diagnostic tests, and developing care plans. Additionally, RNs can work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private practices.

Overall, the job opportunities for nurses differ in their educational requirements, the scope of practice, and responsibilities. 

How to Find Jobs for CNAs Near Me 

If you’re a CNA or interested in becoming one, you may wonder, “how do I find available jobs for CNAs near me?” The good news is that there are many employment opportunities for CNAs in your local community. Here are some resources you can use to find openings in your area.

Online Job Boards

Websites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired allow you to search for CNA jobs by location. Furthermore, set up job alerts and get notified when new openings become available. It’s also a good idea to tailor your job search to the specific types of healthcare facilities and populations you’re interested in working with.

Healthcare Provider Websites

Hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies often post job openings on their websites. Do a quick search for healthcare providers in your area and visit their websites to see if they have any CNA positions available.

Staffing Agencies

Consider reaching out to staffing agencies that specialize in healthcare placements. These agencies can connect you with temporary or permanent job opportunities that match your skills and preferences.

Let CynaMed Help a Hero Like You

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Nurses are the heroes of the healthcare system. Nurses ensure their patients receive the best possible care, from advocating for their needs to helping them navigate a complex healthcare system. 

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