Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes: How Different Are They for CNAs?

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Did you know there are multiple different spaces for nurses to find work? Yes, it’s true. Nurses work in a wide array of facilities, from hospitals and private homes to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. For those completing their CNA training, this is very crucial information. 

Especially when considering how nursing homes and assisted living facilities differ, choosing where to work as a CNA can be a big decision. If you’re a CNA in training and curious to learn about the potential work environments in your future field, CynaMed has you covered. 

Here’s some essential information you need to know!

Nursing Homes vs Assisted Living: What To Expect As A CNA 

As a CNA, there are many ways to provide support and assistance in the medical field. Whether you’re working with a patient or supporting a fellow RN, you’ll work to meet the needs of your community under many unique circumstances. 

If you’re curious about the key differences between a nursing home and assisted living facility, let’s look at how these spaces differ for a CNA. 

CNA Responsibilities in An Assisted Living Facility

As far as providing care goes, assisted living facilities generally involve less intensive medical assistance. This is because, in most cases, assisted living residents are considerably more active, independent, and self-sufficient. 

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of ways residents need support. As an assisted living facility CNA, you might find yourself: 

  • Managing prescription medication use
  • Assisting with mobility limitations like bathing or dressing
  • Providing basic hygiene care
  • Encouraging exercise and daily movement
  • Providing memory care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • And more

CNA Responsibilities in A Nursing Home 

In contrast, the responsibilities of a CNA in a nursing home can be more involved and often require 24-hour care. Residents or patients residing in nursing homes typically need more specific care, assistance, and medical support. 

As a CNA in a nursing home, your responsibilities may include: 

  • General supervision
  • Meal assistance and feeding
  • Hygiene care
  • Medication management
  • Bathing or dressing
  • Assisting an RN in administering medical treatments
  • Cleaning
  • And more. 

Depending on your preference, either one of these facilities can offer a stimulating environment that engages your skills as a CNA. Whether you prefer providing minimal assistance or extensive support, both of these spaces have plenty to offer a CNA. 

Additional CNA Jobs to Consider

Working as a CNA doesn’t have to be as straightforward as it seems. There are many CNA jobs to consider as you explore your options in the field. Take a look at these CNA jobs that might pique your interest.

  • Hospital CNA
  • Long-term Nursing Facility (Nursing Home or Assisted Living)
  • Home Health Services (Private Residence)
  • State or Federal Jobs (Department of Health and Human Services, Veterans Health Administration, Department of Defense, Bureau of Prisons, etc)

As you explore your career options as a CNA, you can rest assured knowing there are many options to consider. No matter what you prefer, there is a CNA environment that’s just right for you!

CynaMed Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Finding the right job as a medical professional can have a profound impact on the success of your career. This is why CynaMed strives to match candidates with a job that aligns seamlessly with their skillset, training, and experience. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a job that speaks perfectly to your medical abilities, look no further! Simply fill out an application here, and our team will locate the right medical position for you. CynaMed is here to simplify healthcare networking in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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