Are Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs in Demand?

Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) play a crucial role in the physical therapy process. They do more than simply assist patients with mobility techniques. As a PTA, you will complete clerical tasks like answering phone calls or emails. Most importantly, you will document and monitor each patient’s health and mobility changes. A PTA will see results firsthand when they witness improved function or pain relief in their patients. If this sounds like a good occupation for you, then you’re in luck. Physical therapy assistant jobs are one of the most in-demand healthcare positions in Pennsylvania. Here are the most asked questions about PTA job security.

Will I be able to find a physical therapy assistant job?

Absolutely. This career is in such high demand that you will have the opportunity to find a position that is the perfect fit. People with PTA jobs can work in a variety of healthcare settings. You might opt for a hospital over a doctor’s office, or you can always choose private practice or a nursing home facility. Depending on the work environment you choose, you might be able to make at-home visits.

What if I only want to work part-time?

A PTA is a perfect position for part-time hours. Because the wages are competitive, you can work part-time but still bring home a hefty paycheck. Most hospitals will even offer extra weekend part-time hours.

Should I worry about being laid off?

The job outlook for physical therapy assistant jobs is excellent. As our population ages, the demand for PTAs will only grow. Therefore, finding a new job, whether you need it or not, will not be an issue if you are a PTA. 

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