Is It Hard to Be a Physical Therapy Assistant?

A physical therapy assistant (PTA) works directly with a physical therapist to assist patients with mobility issues or chronic disabilities. This job can become physically and mentally challenging, especially when working with patients experiencing severe pain or trauma. Here are the most frequently asked questions about how hard it is to be a PTA.

What Hours Will I Work as a PTA?

Physical therapy assistant jobs are in high demand. Therefore, you can find positions that are full-time, part-time, and per diem. If you choose to work in a hospital setting, you might be responsible for emergency medical care, which can take place on holidays or weekends.

Why Is a PTA Job Physically Demanding?

As a PTA, you are working with patients experiencing a lack of mobility. It is your task to increase their function, and you will do this by helping patients complete mobility exercises. This will involve lifting, holding, or possibly catching individuals of all shapes and sizes.

Why Is a PTA Job Mentally Challenging?

The patients that a PTA works with are all experiencing trauma. Many are in chronic pain, and the mobility techniques necessary for mobility improvement can cause excruciating pain. You will be met with resistance and patients that are in duress. It is your responsibility to become assertive to meet objectives. 

There is a delicate balance between pushing your patient too hard. You must show compassion and empathy. This can lead to compassion fatigue. So, ensure that you are practicing a self-care routine to avoid mental challenges.

Become a PTA Today!

Although a PTA position can be hard, it is absolutely worth the effort. Physical therapy assistants change lives with the work that they do. For example, by reducing pain and helping someone become mobile, you improve the quality of life.

CynaMed creates new resources for medical professionals every week. Visit our website to learn everything you need to know about becoming a PTA. We will also be here to place you in the perfect position. Our representatives connect healthcare workers with reputable healthcare facilities. Let us start your career journey today!

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