How Long Does It Take to Become a CNA?

If you have decided that a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant is right for you, you are probably ready to get started right away! Here are a few tips on becoming a CNA as fast as possible:

Get started early on your CNA career

The sooner you get started, the better. Even if you are still in high school, jump-starting your career is a great idea! By taking as many health and science courses as you can, you are already setting yourself up for greatness.

Choose the right CNA program for you

If you are genuinely interested in becoming a CNA as quickly as possible, pick the program with the shortest duration that is still state-accredited. Although faster is great, it is important to make sure you can balance your life outside of the classes. Pick the program that best fits your current lifestyle.

Complete your clinical hours at the same time as your coursework 

If you can, find a state-accredited program that allows you to start performing clinical hours before your coursework is finished. It is a good way to make the process of becoming a CNA even faster.

Schedule your certification exam shortly after your clinical hours are finished

This is a good idea for two reasons. One, you will become a CNA faster. Two, all the information you have learned over the past several weeks or months will be fresh in your mind. Also, the more time you take between courses and the exam, the more likely you are to have to retake the exam.

Learn More About Starting Your Life as A CNA

At CynaMed we cannot wait to see the next generation of CNAs. Give us a call today at  412.325.3420 to learn how you can begin working toward your goals!

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