What Are the Main Causes for Getting Your Nursing License Revoked?

Breaching patient confidentiality

As a nurse and as a person in the medical field, you have a responsibility to hold the patient in the highest regard. Violating a patient’s confidentiality is one of the quickest ways to lose your nursing license. The allegation may become a HIPAA violation, which is a federal offense.

Engaging in unprofessional conduct

Unprofessional conduct can include having sexual relations with a higher-up or a patient or using inappropriate language around patients. Keeping professionalism is important when working in a small office or a big hospital. If someone around you is being unprofessional, report it, but do not be a part of it.

Diverting drugs

Taking medication for yourself or someone else is an easy way to be the subject of an investigation. As a result, this behavior can easily cause you to lose your nursing license and even go to jail.

Falsifying patient records

Falsifying records can include anything from giving a patient extra medicine and not recording it to writing down that you bathed a patient when you did not. Again, it is particularly important to keep the patient’s life and well-being at the top of your priorities. If records are found to be false, this is grounds for a full investigation and almost immediate termination. 

Neglecting patients

Neglecting a patient, even accidentally, can have grave consequences. It is easy to get caught up in the rush, but it is your job to give each patient the proper care they deserve. Likewise, if there’s proof or claims of a nurse neglecting a patient on purpose, this can be grounds for a federal investigation, termination, and potential jail time.

Learn More About Nursing Licenses

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